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Disappointed in the 2013 black friday

Disappointed in the 2013 black friday
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I thought black friday was the hottest shopping day of the year, second only to cyber monday.

If black friday is the hottest shopping day of the year, where are the hot deals on guns?  Besides Palmetto State Armory running a short deal on AR-15 upper receivers, it appears to me the rest of the gun industry has ignored the hottest shopping day of the year.Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

There are some so called “sales” out there, such as a Bushmaster for $1,000, which is laughable.  Why would anyone want to buy a Bushmaster for $1k, when you can get a Colt 6920 for anywhere from $900 – $1,200.  When a colt 6920 cost less than a Bushmaster, something is seriously wrong with the market.

Where are the good deals on AR-15s and AK-47s?  For that part, where are the good deals on anything gun related?

Some stores offered pmags for $10, which is the going rate anyway.

Some stores put off changing their prices over the past few months.  Then all of a sudden they drop their prices for black friday?  Please, lets get serious.  From mid-2013 during the panic buying pmags went from $75 each to $10 each.

30 round non-windowed pmags gen 2 going rate is $10 each.

30 round windowed pmag gen 2 going rate is $12.

Some stores have kept their prices artificially high for the past few months.  Then on black friday they drop their prices to going rates and call them black friday specials.

Where are the deep discounts on Colt uppers, Palmetto State Armory hammer forged uppers, Spikes uppers, Bravo Company uppers, LMT uppers and Daniel Defense uppers?

Where are the deep discounts on good quality bolt carrier groups?

There are some stores that have Magpul parts discounted, but mostly buttstocks.  There a couple of stores that have a buy a buttstock and get a free trigger guard for free.  Well whoop-ti-do, so what?

I have this rather old Bushmaster XM-15 that was made during the so called assault rifle ban.  It does not have a flash hider, has a built in carry handle, heavy barrel,,, it feels like it weighs almost as much as my FN/FAL.  I was really hoping to replace that Bushmaster upper receiver with a Palmetto State Armory.  But while I was in town Wednesday taking care of some business PSA had their sale and sold out of their premium uppers.

Here we are on black friday and all PSA has listed on their website is uppers that cost $650 and up.

Hopefully cyber monday will go better than black froday.

What did my wife and I bought on black friday

After having Thanksgiving with our family, my wife and I went to walmart to get a couple of external hard drives and a couple of 16 gig memory cards for our cameras.

And that was about it.

If we had kids at home my wife and I “might” have been interested in a game console.  But even then I am going to wait on the Steam Machine that Valve software is working on.  Why should I spend $50 – $60 on a game when steam has 75% off sales?

I just bought Skyrim for $7.50 during the Autumn Steam sale, do that with a console game.

If you do not know what Skyrim is watch this video. Be sure to turn your speaks on.

I also bought the Left 4 Dead bundle for around $7.50 during the Steam Autumn sale, do that with a console game. The Left 4 Dead bundle has the original Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. So that is 2 games for around $7.50.

Then I bought Far Cry 3 off an Amazon sale.

The video games have saved black friday from being a total bummer.  But video games are not going to help my family and I protect our property, livestock and crops during a complete collapse of society.

Hopefully cyber monday will be better than black friday.  Because black friday sucked.

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