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Should Sandy Hook information be released to the public

Should Sandy Hook information be released to the public
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Well, it seems the investigation into the Sandy Hook shooting is going nowhere. There is no motive, there is nothing but speculation.Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

To make matters worse Stephen Sedensky III who is the lead investigator for the State’s Attorney has gone to court to fight the release of 911 tapes. It is claimed the 911 tapes are not being released to protect victims privacy, and the protect the identify of the callers from conspiracy theorist.

Personally, I think the upper class of the area does not want to face that this kind of violence could happen to them. Shootings like this only happen in the ghetto,,,, right?

While I respect a persons right to privacy, the people doing the investigating are on the public payroll. And since they are paid by the public, should the public have a right to know what the investigators found?

If the shooter had lived, and if this case had gone to trial, would the people still be making these same arguments? Or would there be a closed trial and a gag order issued?

Where does stuff like this happen? Not in poor areas.

The wealth, privilege and money are acting like a shield to protect the Sandy Hook community.

If this shooting had happened in a poor community, the 911 tapes would have probably been in youtube before the bodies were cold.

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