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Freedom of speech in private places

This council woman in San Antonio made some comments in a private area, to a select few people. Someone recorded the comments, then the comments were released to the news media.

There were some protest, and she has been asked to resign her position.

Then there are the Paula Deen comments about black people.

Why do certain groups feel the need to protest, or get angry, when it comes out what someone said in privacy.

If we are not free to express ourselves in private areas, or to friends, then where can we express ourselves at?

I feel that rather than supporting our rights, special interest groups are acting like a form of thought police. It no longer matters where you say something, or think something, or believe something. If the wrong people find out your beliefs, they are going to try and embarrass you.

It seems to me that only certain groups are allowed to protest.

Regardless if we agree or disagree with what is said, we should at least support the persons right to speak in privacy.

A mans home is his castle.  If I can not speak frankly and honestly in my castle, then freedom of speech is dead.

Freedom of speech in private places
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Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. In his free time you may find Kevin working around the farm, building something, or tending to the livestock
Updated: August 21, 2013 — 4:39 pm
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