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Random Thoughts July 16 2013

Random Thoughts July 16 2013
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With everything going on in the world and in the United States, I think it is time for another random thoughts article.

George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin – is it not enough that one man is dead, another fears for his life, but now people have to go around protesting in the streets?

Jesus H Christ, do the whites go around protesting everytime a black person kills a whitey?Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

What happened after the OJ Simpson case? Did white people go around protesting against OJ? Did the National Association of White People pressure the justice department on the OJ case?  Did the Kl Klux Klan or skinheads put a $10,000 reward on the head of OJ?

People need to set racial issues aside and have some respect for our legal system.

Racial tensions still exist – If the Zimmerman / Martin case has proven anything, it is that we are still a nation divided by racial tensions.

As long as we have people promoting fear, anger and hatred based on race, we will never know peace.

It will probably be another 2 or 3 generations before racial tensions are a thing of the past.  But even then there will be people who wish to profit from fear-mongering.

Israel and Iran – Israel released a statement saying Iran was only weeks away from crossing a red line with their nuclear program.  Meaning, Iran is reaching a point in time where their nuclear program can not be stopped through a military strike.

To use a military strike against a Plutonium reactor would be to risk another Chernobyl.

I suspect Israel will strike Iran before Iran can bring a Plutonium reactor into full operation.

I also suspect Obama is not going to do anything about Iran.  Which means the next president will have to deal with a nuclear far right Muslim controlled nation.

If Israel were to attack Iran, Israel does not have the military might to finish the job.  The United States would either have to help Israel, or leave the job half-finished.

Do we remember what happened the last time a President left a job half-finished, as in the Persian Gulf conflict of 1991.  We had to go back a decade later and finish the job a second time.  Which cost more lives and more money than if we would have finished the job the first time.

Lets say Israel attacks Iran.  I doubt president obama will do anything.  Which means we will have to deal with a nuclear Iran again in a few years.

Moving to the farm – As some of you may know my wife and I are moving to a rural part of southeast Texas. A place where we can have livestock, have a garden, have a fruit orchard,,, and all out of prying eyes of neighbors.

As of right now (July 16, 2013) we have a move date starting on Monday July 29, 2013.

The next month is going to be pretty rough.

A septic system has to be put down, water well put down, power hooked up to the house,,,, there is just a lot to do.

From now until spring of next year things are going to be very busy in my life.  There are some piles of limbs that need to be burned this fall.  In the spring of 2013 there is a 10 acre field that I want to fence in and put some cattle and maybe some goats in.  I might even go cattle, sheep and goats next summer.

I need to build a larger chicken house so my wife and I can expand our flock .  The next chicken house is going to be 16 feet X 16 feet with a solar powered watering system for the chickens and rabbits.

A 16 X 16 chicken house and a 73 X 33 chicken yard should provide plenty of room for 100 chickens.  200 chickens would be the maximum I am designing the yard and chicken house for.  Even though I designed everything with a maximum of 200 chickens in mind, all I want to keep is around 75, plus or minus a few.

The goal is to have the new chicken coop built by January 2014 so we can expand the flock during the spring.  My wife wants some meat chickens for butchering, and we both want some heritage breeds such as Dominicker, some more Barred Rocks, and some Buff Orpingtons.

In all I would like to have around 50 – 75 good quality heritage breed chickens, then raise around 25 – 30 meat chickens in the spring.

My wife and I are really looking forward to making this move.  As things get settled I to share my experiences on the farm with my readers.

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