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Panic Buying May Be At An End

Panic Buying May Be At An End
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Before my wife and I saw World War Z we stopped by Academy sports and outdoors in Beaumont Texas. The guys in the firearms section told me they had sold 1 AR in the past 2 weeks. They currently had around 13 ARs in stock. I asked how ARs had been selling, and I was told something along the lines of, “they aren’t selling.”

When the panic buying started Academy moved the high demand calibers to the customer service desk. A policy of 1 box per caliber, and 3 boxes per customer was implemented. While I was at Academy I was informed there was no longer a limit on 308 Winchester, and 308 had been moved back to where all of the other ammunition was at. Academy had several boxes of American Eagle 223 Remington in stock, 50 round boxes of 22 long rifle and plenty of 7.62×39.

I bought a 100 round box of American Eagle 9mm fmj, a 20 round box of American Eagle 223 Remington, and a 50 round box of Remington 22 long rifle.

My wife and I left Academy and drove to Gander Mountain. Gander Mountain had several ARs in stock.

Midway USA has had a limit on Pmags for several months. A few weeks ago the limit went up to 5 mags per order. As of today there is no limit on black generation 2 non-windowed Pmags.

Maybe the panic buying is a thing of the past.

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Updated: June 26, 2013 — 6:30 pm

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