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So Much Left To Do

So Much Left To Do
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If, and that is a big “if” everything goes to plan my wife and I should make our move to the homestead between the last week of July and the first week of August.

Things left to do

Clear some tree limbs for power lines.  The main trees have been cut, but some small limbs need to be cleared.

Stake out where the house is going.

Put down septic system.

Get power ran to house location.

Then there is the issue with water.  I have a friend who has a friend that drills water wells as a side job.

Build the chicken yard.  The chicken yard has to be ready for when we move the coop.  I have a responsibility to provide for and to protect my chickens.  There are a couple of small pine trees in and around the chicken yard that need to be cut down.  Over the next few weeks I hope to set the corner post, put the gates in and start running the wire.

Cut down a rather large pine tree that is leaning towards where the house is going.

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