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After receiving some complaints about the amount of political commentary on this site, I have decided to do two things:

1 – Reduce the amount of political commentary posted here.

2 – Open a new website where I can rant all I want about political stuff.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

The new site is called PBJ News, as in Peanut Butter and Jelly news. Why PB&J? Because it is quick, simple, and something that fills the soul. It is a name just about everyone can relate to and it is easy to remember.

With all of the gun hating, conservative hating, family values hating sites on the net, I figured we needed a site that pushed conservative values.  I have this vision of PBJ news being not only a conservative news site, but also a conservative opinion site.

I am so tired of gun hating liberal sites spewing their hatred, I figured it was time to open my own site to spread core conservative values.

This is just my personal opinion on things, I think the United States is going to hell in a handbag.  The government has turned against the common working people, while liberals push for social equality for those who do not deserve quality, meaning illegal immigrants.

While companies like apple turn record profits, a record number of people are on welfare.  The major news would rather report on celebrities, rather report on the pressing issues.

We need sites that push for holding people responsible for their crimes, rather than liberal sites who would rather blame society.

Join me in my new endeavor, head on over to PBJ News and add the site to your bookmarks.

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Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. In his free time you may find Kevin working around the farm, building something, or tending to the livestock

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