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The Boston Marathon Bombings

The Boston Marathon Bombings
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Someone on facebook sent me a message and asked what I thought about the Boston bombing.  I have a lot of mixed emotions about the situation.  Over the course of this article I will try to explain how I feel.

Short answer – what happened was terrible and I hope the SOB that did this is brought to justice.

Medium answer – How do we find justice for killing and maiming others?

Is putting someone in prison justice?

Is putting someone to death for killing others justice?Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

Lets take Timothy McVeigh for an example.  Did putting him to death bring justice to those he killed and/or injured?  At the time putting Timothy McVeigh to death may have sounded like a good idea.  But in the long run I think he got off light.  Timothy McVeigh is dead, and we still have to live with the memory of what he did.

How do we find justice for people who had their legs blown off, or had a son killed, or had a daughter killed?

Putting someone in prison is not justice, that is punishment.

I hope the people that were affected by the Boston bombing can find some kind of closure if the person (or persons) who committed this heinous act is brought to justice.

Long answer – For the sake of keeping the peace, I hope the person who did this is a white male, and a Christian.

If the person is Muslim, this act will only fuel the current anger towards Muslims.

If the person is a convert to Islam, and is white, the bombing will fuel our worries of home-grown terrorist.

If the person was part of a group from the middle east, somehow associated with a terror organization, I feel the public will demand some kind of action be taken against the group.  This means military action, more soldiers loosing their lives, more drone strikes, more innocent civilians killed by military accidents.

For the sake of discussion lets say the bomb was set off my a terror organization out of the middle east.  Is the American public ready for another decade long war?  Are we ready to lose more sons and daughters because someone set off a bomb in Boston?  If the answer is yes, then where does the blood letting end?

I hope the Boston b0mber is a Joker from the movie Batman Dark Knight Rises type of person.  Someone who just wanted to watch the world burn.  This way a single person is brought to justice, rather than a whole religion be condemned.

In perspective – Those of us old enough to remember Waco, Oklahoma City and 9/11, we know it is going to take a long time for the nation to heal.  Those that were directly affected by the Boston Bombings may never fully heal.  Whether it is a physical scar, or a mental scar, some will carry the burden of what happened on April 15 for the rest of their lives.

Maybe, just maybe, finding the person who did this will bring us some closure.

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