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We Need More Bomb Control

We Need More Bomb Control
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After the events in Boston is has become clear that we need more bomb control.

Here is what I purpose:

7 day waiting period on buying a bomb – This is a cool off time to make sure someone is not buying a bomb to kill a jilted lover. The cool off period is to give the person buying the bomb time to think about their actions.

We do not want someone buying a bomb in haste or while they are angry.

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Background check for all bomb purchases – We want to make sure bombs do not fall into the wrong hands. The background check is to make sure those buying a bomb are not criminals (like criminals care about laws).

Not only do we need background checks for licensed bomb sales, but also person-to-person bomb sales.  If an individual wants to sale a bomb to someone else, they need to go to the local police department so a background check can be ran on the buyer.

Bombs have to be kept out of the hands of criminals.  The only way to do that is for a universal background check.

Limit bombs to 10 pounds of explosives – Bombs that have have 15 pounds of explosives are too dangerous for civilians.  Only the police or military need bombs with more then 10 pounds of explosives.

Bombs with more then 10 pounds of explosives are nothing more than weapons of mass destruction and most be prohibited.

License for the manufacturer of bombs – Anyone who makes a bomb will be required to have a license.

Restrictions needs to be put on being able to modify a bomb, such as adding a timer, remote detonator, or adding more pounds of charge.

Liability insurance for bomb owners – If someone owns a dangerous bomb, that person needs to obtain at least 1 million dollars of liability insurance.

You never know when an irresponsible bomb owner might leave a bomb laying around for a child to find.

Limit how many detonators someone can have – If someone has more then 100 detonators then that person will need a special permit from the government.

There is no legitimate sporting purpose for anyone to have more than 100 detonators in their procession.

But then again – when do criminals care about stupid laws?

Laws like the ones listed above would only apply to law abiding citizens, as criminals do not care.

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