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Palmetto State Armory Pink M4

Palmetto State Armory Pink M4
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For the sake of discussion lets say that some kind of SHTF event has happened; some kind of new flu has developed, financial collapse, nuclear war,,, something has happened to send the world to hell in a handbag.  It is now up to you and your family to protect your property, livestock, garden,, and other resources.

Building my wife (her name is Kristy) an AR-15 that appeals to her is part of my prepping in depth rather then breadth SHTF survival plan.  Instead of trying to get my wife to shoot a rifle that does not appeal to her, I decided to build a Palmetto State Armory M4, then deck it out in pink Magpul MOE and Suregrip parts.Pink M4 carbine

In the current state of panic buying anything AR-15 is almost impossible to find.  In most cases, if a website or store gets something in stock, it is sold out in a matter of minutes.  What is sad is a lot of companies resort to price gouging when panic buying kicks in.

I have to say a couple of things about Palmetto State Armory, they are getting stuff in on a regular basis, and they are not price gouging.

Bill of Material

Palmetto State Armory lower receiver, shipped to Devil Dog Guns in Jasper Texas for the background check and paperwork.

Palmetto State Armory / Magpul MOE lower parts kit with fire control group, milspec stock and buffer tube.

Bravo Company Gunfighter Charging Handle w/ Mod 4 (medium) Latch.

Magpul MBUS flip up rear sight (black).

Magpul pink buttstock.

Magpul pink forearm grip is on backorder.

ERGO Sure Grip, pink. Even though Magpul makes some great stuff, I think the Ergo grip is a better grip.

Palmetto State Armory premium upper receiver, 16 inch barrel, carbine gas system.

AR-15 bolt carrier group from American Spirit Arms.

Ergo vertical grip 4255-BK


To be perfectly honest, this is my first time to build an AR-15 lower assembly. After looking at a lot of diagrams, getting a detent spring in the wrong place (why couldn’t all the detent springs be the same), I finally got the lower built.  Things went better than I expected.

In retrospect, if SHTF, whoever is going to depend on the AR as their primary survival rifle, they better have a bunch of spare parts.  When it comes to small parts, the AK-47 blows the AR-15 away. There is no real comparison there.

One little glitch I ran into, the pink Magpul buttstock is for a commercial tube, while the tube and stock that came with the lower parts kit is a milspec tube. No big deal, I just swapped the commercial tube on my Bushmaster out to the new Palmetto State Armory rifle. So now my Bushmaster has an OD green buttstock while everything else is black. I might order an OD green forearm grip for my Bushmaster just to make the buttstock and forearm grip match.

Why did I build my wife an M4

As some of you may know, my wife and I are working on getting moved to a rural location.  In other words, we are moving to a small farm.  One of the hardships we are sure to face are predators trying to get our chickens and rabbits.  Chickens with their eggs, meat and manure are part of my long term SHTF survival plans.  Rabbits along with their meat and manure are also part of my plans.  Anything that threatens my livestock threatens my families food supply.

One of the other issues with living a rural lifestyle is police taking a long time to respond to an emergency call.  If my wife and I have to call 911 it might be 15, 20,, maybe even 30 minutes before a deputy sheriff will be able to get to my home.  Being able to protect your property, your livestock and yourself is an essential part of living a rural lifestyle.

To get my wife where she is somewhat interested in learning to shoot, I decided to build her her very own Pink Palmetto State Armory M4.

There is an old saying, “this is my rifle, there are many like it, but this on is mine.”  That is what I wanted my wife to say.  There are lots of AR-15s out there, but that one is hers.  In order her to call it her rifle, it has to be customized.

Whats next

My wife is not an experienced shooter, so the first thing gun safety, handling, and finally sending a few rounds down range.

Sling – Kristy mentioned she wants a pink sling and a pink carry case.  There are some pink Magpul MS3 slings on ebay.  But I do not know if they are the real deal or counterfeit.

I thought about both of us taking a carbine class around Houston, but with as scarce as ammo has been since December, I doubt I can find enough ammo for both of us to take a class. Maybe when supplies stabilize we can do some serious shooting or maybe take a carbine class.

Optics – Kristy already told me she is going to have issues seeing through the rear peep sight.  The question I am asking myself, how much should I spend on optics?  A buddy of mine suggested optics should cost at least 1/3 the cost of the firearm.  That is a good guideline, but does Kristy really need a $300 optic?

In a complete collapse of society, TEOTWAWKI situation, then yea, my wife could probably use a $300 optic.  When SHTF we will probably wish we bought the best of the best.  But,, there is always a “but”,,, where does quality meet price, and where does that intersect need?  I “want” the best of the best, but is it really worth it?  Instead of buying a $300 optic, what about a $150, $200 or even a $250 optic?

After Kristy learns to shoot with sights I will get her some kind of optic. Do I go with Trijicon, Eotech, Vortex, Leapers, Bushnell,,, or something else?

Light – I have a spare Surefire light to mount on Kristys rifle.  Its just a matter of buying the mount for the light.

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