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The State Of Social Security Disability

The State Of Social Security Disability
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Do you want to know how bad things are? Do you “really” want to know? Chances are, if you pass your time watching sports rather then watching the news, or reading gossip websites rather then reading news websites, you probably do not want to read this article.

Since 2009, an average of 150,000 jobs are created every month inside the United States.

During that same time, an average of 250,000 people apply for Social Security Disability every month.Kevin Felts blogger and survivalist

In other words, 100,000 more people apply for social security disability every month over those that find a job.

Around 14 million people currently draw Social Security disability.

Source14 Million Americans Don’t Work Due To Disability, And The Number Is Growing

The system is broken. 100,000 more people file for SS disability rather then find a job every month. It is just a matter of time before the financial system collapses.

It is impossible for 150,000 workers to support 250,000 people on disability, and that is the direction we are headed.

As long as the Federal Reserve can print money out of thin air, everything will be ok.

Have you wondered why we give so much foreign aid away?

Simply put, we are exporting our inflation.

Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, gives the money to the banks, which is used for loans to the public.

As the amount of money inside the United States increases, inflation increases. So what does the government do to counter inflation and reduce the amount of money in circulation? The government gives money away to other nations.

With so many dollars floating around outside the United States, the dollar is sure to remain the world standard currency.

If the United States government stopped foreign aid, the Federal Reserve would have to stop printing money out of thin air. In other words, the money would have to be backed by something more then a promise to repay our debts.

More  people on disability means more debt

It is simply not possible to maintain the increased number of people on social Security disability through taxation. To pay for the social programs people depend on, the Federal Reserve will have to print even more money out of thin air. Which leaves the government in a dire situation.

As money flows into the system, the excess has to be given way to prevent inflation.

Instead of the money going to the banks as it has for the past 100 years (since the Federal Reserve was founded), a good portion of the money is going directly into the hands of non-productive citizens. These are not people who will be buying a home, or buying a car. These are people who freeload off the system and contribute almost nothing back to society, kind of like what banks do.

A sign of economic collapse

Those 250,000 people who apply for Social Security disability every month, lets not group them all together.

How many of the people applying for SS disability have given up on finding a job? if someone is in their late 50s, maybe early 60s, will be retiring in a few years anyway, no job opportunities for their skill set, why not apply for disability?

As our factories continue to be shipped to low wage nations, blue collar workers find themselves out of work, and with no hope of finding a job.  Where productive factories once sat, are now only open fields.

The taxes those factories once paid are gone.  Which leaves counties and cities with financial shortfalls.

Breeding a generation of welfare bums

Part of the problem that I see, people with a poor work ethic are out-breeding people who work for a living.

If someone works for a living – they consider if they can afford to have more children.

People who live off the system – they consider how much they can get by having another child.

We are breeding a generation of welfare bums.  Back in the 1980s I knew very people who got welfare.  Today, its welfare this and welfare that.

If society went from being ashamed of being on welfare, to being proud of being on welfare in 25 years, how will things be in another 25 years?

Maybe its a change in work ethic

Why go to college for 4+ years, drown in college loan debt, then have to beg for a decent paying job?  When you do land a job, it pays crap for the time and effort you put into your education and training.

Instead of working for 50, 60, 70, 80 hours a week, why not sign up on social Security disability?

One of the reasons why I left the welding field was because of the terrible pay and lousy benefits.  Instead of going through the aggravation and disappointment of low paying jobs, why not leave the job market all together?

There was once a time when someone could finish high school, to go work in a factory, shipyard or steel mill, earn a good wage, buy a home, buy a car and raise a family.  With the introduction of free trade those jobs have been shipped overseas to low wage nations.

Today, its either go to college, run up college loan debt, rent for several years until you pay off your college loans, put off buying a home and having a family until you are in your 30s.

Maybe people are getting tired of playing games with corporate America?

Why should someone work their life away to make the CEO and stockholders rich?  If companies are not willing to pay a liveable wage, why not sign up for government benefits?

How do you abolish a welfare state

With 250,000 people applying for social Security disability every month, it is just a matter of time before the system collapses under its own weight.

What can be done about the 14 million people drawing SS disability?  A good number of those people probably need disability.  But on the other hand, how many people are drawing benefits and are fit to work?

Once the liberal pen pushers have established a liberal welfare state, what incentive do people have to go back to work?

Now that the good paying factory jobs are in China, how are blue collar workers supposed to earn a living?

I honestly think a lot of this social security disability stuff is people who have given up.  They have given up on ever finding a good paying job, they have given up on ever having a job that provides health care,,, so why not sign on for a government program?

How do we abolish a welfare start?  We get our jobs back from China and other low wage nations.  But I seriously doubt that is going to happen.

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