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Political Incorrectness Of The Original Red Dawn

Political Incorrectness Of The Original Red Dawn
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As I write this article the original Red Dawn is playing on the Ecnore channel.  As the movie plays I would like to write about how times have changed since the 1980s.  Please take this in jest, as the article is not intended to be serious.

Chevy truck has a gun rack in the back window.  This would have probably drawn a response from the FBI for a terrorist activity on school property.  There was once a time when high school kids had guns in their vehicles so they could go hunting after school.  But today, schools are gun free zones.  And we wonder why crazy people are drawn to schools?Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

White man shooting black teacher, racist.

Kids riding in the back of a truck, which is now illegal.

Adult giving guns to a minor.  Obvious example of terrible parenting.

Keeping a handgun in the glove box?

Pissing in a radiator probably voided the warranty.

After the kids reach the wilderness there is a discussion about what their parents would want.  Today, it is not what the parent wants, but what the government wants.

Shooting a deer to survive?  I hope they had a valid hunting license.

How dare a parent teach a child to drink the blood of an innocent animal.  What kind of sicko does that kind of stuff?

The Russians stole the mayors car.  What kind of example does government set by stealing from the people?  Kind of like what some states are doing?  Stealing property and then giving the property to companies for development.

How are the reeducation camps any different then Guantanamo Bay? People are being detained with no due process of law.

Father telling his sons to subvert the government?  Obviously a terrorist.

Holy crap, a parent telling his children to take care of each other rather then to sign up on welfare?

Adults aiding and abiding rebels?  Giving firearms, food and supplies to terrorist?

Riding horses?  Animals are not our servants.

The chair is against the wall, John has a long mustache.  How dare a radio station broadcast information to terrorist organizations.

Kids running from authority?  Who do they think they are?

Kids shooting government agents (all though the agents  are Russians), who do those kids think they are?

Sawing off a shotgun barrel?  Don’t you need a permit to modify a firearm?

“Say that to me again and I will kill you”, terroristic threat, call 911.

Russians shooting people with no due process of law.  Oh well, they were terrorist.  Isn’t that how the government works?  As long as the people are terrorist who needs due process, judge, jury or a fair trial.

Russians take basket from lady, which turns out to be a bomb.  Who are the terrorist?  The Russians, or the people fighting against the Russians?

Freedom fighters,,,  I mean terrorist blowing up a building in town.

Terrorist cooperating with an enemy combatant (the pilot that was shot down)?  Wow, just wow.  What kind of lessons is this movie sending to our youth?

Finally a Russian commander arrives.  Hopefully he will know the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist.

What does a chicken, fox and pig have to do with freedom fighters,,,,, I mean terrorist?

Terrorist taking hostages?   The humanity of it all.  What about the rights of the hostage?  But then again, what about the rights of the people being held at Guantanamo Bay?

What is the difference between us and them?  We live here.

Using food as bait?  How else did the attack helicopters know where the terrorist were at?  Where is the United Nations at?  Why aren’t the freedom fighters,,, I mean terrorist receiving aid shipments?

Using the dead body of a young lady as a booby trap?  The terrorist have reached a new low.

A commander let two terrorist just walk by?  That commander needs to be court marshalled.


Holy crap, what were kids being taught back in the 1980s?

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