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Breeding Barred Rock Chickens

Breeding Barred Rock Chickens
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Over the past couple of years I have looked at several chicken breeds to develop a self-sustaining chicken flock. Some of the breeds I have looked at are the Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Dominique and Australorp (only to name a few).  This article will focus on the Barred Rock, which is part of the Plymouth Rock family of chickens.

Why should we care about the Barred Rock? It is a good dual purpose chicken which has been raised for well over 100 years.

I do not consider the Barred Rock a high egg producer chicken, as it only lays around 200 eggs a year. There are breeds out there that lay well over the 200 egg mark. The Barred Rock makes up for its average egg production with its size, hardiness, and its meat quality.

While looking for information on various chicken breeds I came across this youtube posted by FarmRaised which talks about breeding the Barred Rock.

This video brings up some good topics for discussion:

Separate the chickens into groups based on desired traits.

Breed for size and traits.

Weigh the roosters and hens so your flock maintains a steady size.

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Some of my long term plans

There are some of my personal plans and are not based off the video.

Lets start out with around 15 – 20 hens, and either 3 or 4 roosters.

Divide the hens into 3 – 4 groups based on various traits.

Use a cable tie to mark the various groups. Cable ties are cheap, easy to put on, easy to take off and are available in a wide range of colors.

Then its a matter of breeding the flocks so the parents do not breed with their children or grandchildren.

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