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North Korean Propaganda Video Depicts Modern America

Most people will watch the video and get a nice laugh out of it. However, there are people out there who are homeless, living in tents, living in homes that are falling down and/or living in shelters. As a world leader, how can we allow this to happen to our people?

If the U.S. government has money to give to away to foreign nations, why can’t we take care of our own.

We should ask ourselves, is what we see about North Korea the truth? Or is the United States Government spreading propaganda like what the North Korean government is doing?

If North Korea can make a propaganda video, what makes us sure what we have been seeing about North Korea is the truth?

According to the video:

Americans live in tents.

North Korea is supplying items to the shelters through the Red Cross.

Americans have to mix snow with their coffee.

Americans are starving and have eaten most of the birds.

There is one parts of the where its said a man is waiting for heroine.  Which I assume is going to be supplied by the government?

Americans buy guns to kill children.

Some people protest others buying guns.  What is strange, there is no mention of protesting about killing children.  I guess its ok to kill children, but not ok to buy guns?

My personal opinion

I feel the video depicts  how the news media looks at gun ownership.  Instead of blaming the criminals who harm children, it is easier to blame the gun.  After all, it is easier to control law abiding citizens then to control gang violence.

There are people out there who live in shelters and are homeless.  We should ask ourselves why we allow this to happen?  Why do we allow the government to send money overseas, but not take care of our own?

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