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Wired Article On Ammunition And Gun Violence

I used to respect wired as a credible source of information, that was until I read an article about controlling ammunition to reduce gun violence.  The logical of controlling ammunition to reduce gun violence, is like saying we can stop drunk drivers by reducing the amount of gasoline on the market.

Once again lets just ignore the root cause of the majority of gun violence, and that is criminals and drugs.  Law abiding citizens do not use gun in crimes, that is the reason why people who use guns during a crime are called criminals.Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalist

If the government truly wanted to do something about gun violence, fix the broken criminal justice system, stop the flow of drugs into the US and break up gangs.  What do the majority of gun related deaths have in common?  They are either drug of gang related.

Broken Justice System

Our criminal justice system does not reform people.  Prisons are nothing more then a warehouse for the mentally ill.  Someone would have to be mentally ill to inflict violence upon others.

If the government truly wanted to do something about gun violence, setup a reform system for prisoners.  Setup a college inside the prison, make the prisoners go to school, get a degree, learn some kind of job trade such as welding.

Develop a parachute system to readjust the reformed convicts to their new life outside the walls.  As it is right now, convicts are thrown back onto the streets to fend for themselves.  Why do so many turn to drugs and stealing?  Because that is the only way of life they know.

All members of society deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Where is the dignity in serving years in prison, only to be kicked back out on the streets?

For the people who can not be reformed, the justice system is not setup to keep them off the streets.  What happens to a dog that can not be trained not to attack its owner?  The dog is put down.  If career criminals with to act like animals, then treat them like animals.

Something must be done to stop the revolving door for violent offenders.

Stop The Flow Of Drugs

We can not even keep bathsalts out of the reach of our children, but for some reason controlling ammunition will help stop gun violence?

There has been a war raging in our cities since the 1920s, and that war has been over controlled substances.

In the 1920s – early 1930s it was prohibition.

Decades later the drug war moved to cocaine, heroin, meth and now bathsalts.

If we eliminated drugs from society, people would not get addicted, then the addicts would stop breaking into homes, stealing and killing for drugs.

 Break Up The Gangs

Gang warfare has been widespread since the days of Al Capone, and nothing has changed since the 1920s.  We still have gangs importing drugs into the United States, and drugs are still destroying lives.

Its not the law abiding citizen who imports cocaine and heroin.

Its not the law abiding citizen who gives drug heads a reason to rob their neighbors.

Its not the law abiding citizen who destroys lives.

Ammunition And Gun Violence

According to the wired article,

Since the U.S. imports so much crude oil, we should have the highest rates of drunk drivers in the world.

Since the U.S. imports so many computers, we have the highest rate of spammers and hackers in the world.

Since the U.S. exports so much corn, we are exporting obesity.  Well, unless that grain is going to be made in alcohol, then we are exporting drunkenness and drinking and driving.

Ammunition has nothing to do with gun violence. But once again, society does not want to place the blame where it belongs, and that it on the person who commits a crime with a firearm.

Place Blame Where It Belongs

It is easy to blame the gun and the ammunition.  But if we “really” want to curve gun violence, we need to fix the problems with society.  Fix the poverty, fix the schools, provide a higher education to whoever wants it, bring our factories back and put people back to work.

Most people d not want to take the blame for their actions.  As any criminal, they did not do it and they were framed by the cops.

We must admit that society is broke.  We have failed to provide help to those that need it the most.

Crime Is Like A Disease

I might see the world through rose colored glasses, but I believe people are inherently good.

There is no natural vector for violence, it is only transmitted person-to-person, much like a disease.

If we take someone that is infected with the disease of crime, and cure them, then the pattern is broken.  For the most severe cases in which the infected can not be cured, they must be be quarantined to prevent to spread of the disease.

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