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Marines Carried Disabled Rifles At Presidential Inauguration

Marines Carried Disabled Rifles At Presidential Inauguration
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Have you wondered how much contempt the government has for our service members? During the presidential inauguration parade, the rifles carried by the marines had their bolts removed. Also notice president obama is standing behind some form of glass, I am going to guess it was bulletproof lexan.

What kind of president do we have that our soldiers can not be trusted with weapons around him, and he stands behind bulletproof glass?

Just in case the video is removed from youtube, here is a screen shot taken from 1:12.

Bolt Removed for 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade

Notice the bolt has been removed from the rifle during for 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade

Another screen shot from the video, this one shows two rifles with their bolt clearly removed.

Rifle bolt removed for Presidential Inauguration

This screen shot was taken from 1:18 of the video.

Ask yourself, should we trust a president who does not trust our service members?

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