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Sissification Of America

Sissification Of America
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Whatever happened to men being men and women being women?  Its gotten to the point where men are sued when they show sexual attraction to a woman.

Take this news article from Dallas Texas, where a woman is suing LA fitness because the trainers made sexual comments and made had her do sexual types of exercises.

Holy hell, really?  A woman hires a couple of male trainers, then gets mad when they come onto her?  Sounds to me like the lady needed to hire a female trainer, and not a lesbian trainer either.

Hopefully this case will get thrown out.  If a woman does not like men coming onto her, she needs to stay out of gyms and move to a deserted island.

I am ashamed of humanity.  Women are sexual objects, there is no way to get around it.  There is a reason why women have boobs, so men can have something to look at while women talk.

I just want bang bang bang from Group X sums up the male mentallity,

I do not want to know your name,
I do not want to meet your parents,
All I want is bang, bang, bang,,,,.

And women, that is the way it is.

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