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What To Plant In The Spring 2013 Garden

What To Plant In The Spring 2013 Garden
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Spring time is just around the corner.  One more month until the potatoes go in the ground, and another two months until everything else is planted.

If you were to plant a SHTF survival garden, something that would produce a wide variety of food and nutrients, what would you plant?  We have already mentioned potatoes, so they should be a given.

Here are some of the crops I am considering planting this year.

Potatoes – already mentioned.

Snap beans





Pinto beans

I want plant crops that not only provides a lot of nutrients, but food my wife and I can preserve and store.

Corn – corn is often named by survivalist as a main food crop.  Corn has a lot of uses, such as food for livestock, it can be dried, canned and made into cornbread.  But, corn also requires a lot of water and fertilizer.  Then there is the predation from raccoons, deed and other pest.

If you want to look at effort to output ratio, okra would probably be a better option then corn.

Corn is still iffy as to whether or not I am going to grow it.  I would like to grow some corn, its just not high on my list.

The main food producers I am looking at growing this spring and summer are squash, zucchini, snap beans, peas and okra.  I look for those crops to produce the most food from my garden.  But then again, time will tell if that estimate holds true.

Potatoes – if at all possible, I would love to grow enough potatoes to feed my wife and I for a whole year.

Without some kind of standard to go by, its going to be almost impossible to estimate how many potatoes we need to plant.

Estimating crop yield – something I need to work on is estimating some kind of crop yield.  Its going to be difficult to estimate crop yield when there are so many factors, such as water and fertilizer.

If I was going to try and estimate how much we needed to plant in order to survive a long term SHTF situation, it would be like shooting in the dark.

In 2011 my wife and I planted several rows of corn, potatoes and beans.  Due to the drought that year the garden was a total loss.

Not only do we need to grow enough for 1 year, we probably need to grow enough for 2 years.  Just in case there is a drought and a total crop failure like what we experienced in 2011 we would have something to fall back on.

This year I am going to try and keep record of how much we plant, and how much our yield is.  This would give us some kind of baseline record for later on.

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