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Tools For Homestead Cleanup Day

Tools For Homestead Cleanup Day
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In the next few weeks some of my family members and some of my friends are meeting at the homestead for a cleanup day.  The area we are cleaning up has not been used in close to 30 years.  During that time various family members dropped off unwanted trash, such as a hot water heater, large box fan, tin, fence wire,,, and other odds and ends.

Old metal bathtub to be hauled off

Pine trees, sweet gum and oak trees have been growing in this same area.

We have three things to take care of – clean the brush out, cut some small trees down and pull the metal trash out so it can be hauled to the recycler.

The trees being cut down will be cut up and piled up for a bonfire later.

Cleanup Day Tools

  • Stihl chainsaw with 18 inch bar
  • Chainsaw fuel and bar oil
  • Axe
  • Splitting maul
  • 8 pound sledge hammer
  • Wedge
  • Machete
  • Chains for pulling logs with the truck
  • Files – for sharpening axe and chainsaw
  • Work gloves
  • Ruger 10/22 for snakes

There is an oak tree down in the back of the field.  The plan is to cut a 2 feet section of the trunk for a chopping block.

As we cut down some of the small pine trees, they will be cut into sections that can be split and thrown on the fire.  Split wood burns better then non-split wood.

Love For The Land

It seems people have lost love for the land.  Either that, or it is laziness to throw trash down and leave it for someone else to clean up.  Either way, we need to think about what kind of world we are leaving to our children, and grandchildren.

The oceans are being choked to death with plastic, yet companies continue to make items wrapped in plastic.

While driving down country roads it is not uncommon to see creeks fill with trash.  People have become disconnected from the land.

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