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Why Every American Should Own an AK-47

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Lets start with this simple statement: It is the duty of every citizen to be armed.

99% of the liberals out there will object to that statement. So let me follow up with some evidence to back up by statement.

Thomas Jefferson – For a people who are free and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security.

Thomas Jefferson – “We must train and classify the whole of our male citizens, and make military instruction a regular part of collegiate education. We can never be safe till this is done.”

As per Thomas Jefferson, it is our duty as citizens to own and to be trained in the use of a firearm, and to have a proper education.

When the U.S. was founded, there was no provisioned military. It was the civilian militia that fought for our freedom.

The problem is, liberals do not understand the concept of personal liberties, personal freedoms or civic duties.

Civic duty supports the idea of the armed citizen, which supports the armed militia It is the duty of every able bodied male to answer to call to arms to protect the nation.

How are you supposed to do your duty as an able bodied adult if you do not own a firearm?

When was the last time you saw the police harass armed protestors?

When was the last time you saw the police firing rubber bullets or bean bags on unarmed protestors?

During the occupy movement there was a guy who showed up at a protest armed with an AK-47. The person was interviewed by the police, and nothing ever happened.

In just all 50 states, except 2 or 3, it is perfectly legal to carry a long arm in public.

The guy with the AK-47 was well within his rights, and was not prohibited by state law to carry his rifle.

It sure was funny how the local government officials and police reacted when an armed citizen showed up.

Not a single rubber bullet or bean bag round was fired that day.

Think about it for a minute, just about every act of police violence has been carried out on unarmed citizens.

What happened when the ATF tried to raid the Branch Davidians in Waco? The ATF got the crap shot out of them. Next time serve your search warrants and arrest warrants like law abiding agents of the government. Go around breaking into windows, you can expect to get shot like common criminals.

Private ownership of firearms is not about citizens protecting us from each other. Private gun ownership is about protecting the people from an abusive government.

The only gun control we need is gun training

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As usual, after a mass shooting the liberals go on a feeding frenzy for more gun control. Since most elected officials know that voting for more gun control would be political suicide, they are going after online ammunition sales.

All of this gun control and ammunition control talk is pure nonsense.

What the government needs to provide is gun training, and less gun control laws.

When this great nation was founded, who found the battles that won the war? It was the civilian volunteers. At the time of the revolutionary war, civilian had access to the same weapons that the British carried.

The war of 1812, who went to New Orleans and fought the British? Once again it was the civilian volunteers that answered the call to protect this nation.

The founding fathers subscribed to the idea that every able bodied male over the age of 18 years was a member of the citizen militia. This citizen militia is what the second amendment is all about.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

In order to ensure the security of the nation, the population must be armed.

The citizen militia, being every able bodies male over the age of 18 years old is the last line of defense to an invading force.

The government has failed to properly arm and train the citizen militia.

One argument against the citizen militia is now that we have the armed forces, the citizen militia is no longer needed.  The armed forces are the first line of defense against an attacker.  The armed citizen is the last line of defense.

The national guard is the militia.  Negative, the national guard is the second line of defense against an aggressor.

Any nation that dares invade the U.S.A. would have to not only fight the military, but also millions of armed citizens.  This is why the founding fathers ensured the people have the right to keep and bear arms.  So we can keep our firearms in our home, then bear the firearms to where and when the need arises.

In the discussion on firearms there are two types of people

1 – the people who believe in individual freedoms  and personal responsibility.

2 – the people who believe in limited individual freedoms and think the government should be responsible.

The founding fathers believed in personal responsibility.  I think I can prove the founding fathers believed in individual freedoms.

When it came time to fight oppression, the volunteers grabbed their rifles and killed the British.

The volunteers did not sit around and wait for a government to form, then wait for the government to raise an army, then wait for the army to fight the British.

When it came time for action, the volunteers and the founding fathers took action.  They took the action needed to achieve a desired goal.

On one hand we have the people that do what needs to be done.  On the other hand we have people who wait around for the government to do something.

Dream about aliens controlling the human population

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I had a rather strange dream last night (July 28, 2012). The dream was about aliens had decided the human population had grown past a point of no return. We were breeding, polluting,and consuming more then the earth could supply.

In order to save the earth and the human species, aliens decided it was time to clean house. The (the aliens) developed a virus that could be transmitted in powder form. Low flying alien ships acted like crop dusters over our major cities.

The powder covered tens of thousands of people, who in the following days developed the virus, which was contagious between people. The result was millions of people died.

My dream moved from the aliens crop dusting the major cities, to people roaming the streets stealing and killing for food.

One of my sons had it to my house. I was somewhere, but I do not remember my exact location. Somehow, I called my son and told him to start eating my food stockpile. I also told my son about keeping lights on at night, and how that could draw attention, just basic OPSEC stuff.

Somehow or another my wife and I made it home.

The dream was somewhat dark with lots of death and destruction.

Aliens aside, lets just remove them from the equation, I think my dream was how humans have reached the edge of our resources. We might have plenty of oil, but what about food? Over the past few years the U.S. has experienced several droughts, which have ruined corn crops.

With continued drought and climate change, what are people supposed to do about food and water? I think that food and safe drinking water is what my dream was about.

Painting AK-47 Magazines

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One of the issues with AK-47 magazines, they are made out of steel, and steel rust. So from time to time it might be necessary to paint your AK mags. This article is going to discuss how I paint my AK-47 magazines. This may not be the “best” way to do it, but this is how I paint my mags.

If you wanted a professional paint job, you would need to disassemble the magazine, buff the paint off all of the parts, spray on a layer of primer, spray a few coats of the color paint you want, then reassemble the magazines.

Screw that.

All I am going to do is buff with a wire wheel then paint.

I have a spare boat trailer in the backyard, so that i what I painted my magazines on. Where the tongue of the trailer meets the frame, that is where I put the block of wood I was going to be working on.

Items needed

Full face shield and safety glasses – the full face shield is to protect your face from wires that go flying off the wire wheel.
Leather work gloves
Area where you can safely spray paint
Spray paint – in my case I am using black rust-oleum
Electric grinder
Wire wheel
Rusted AK-47 magazines

The idea here is to buff and repaint the magazines before the rust develops pits or holes in the magazine.


Installing the Magpul Enhanced Self-Leveling Follower

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This article began about 20 years ago when I started stockpiling AR-15 magazines for some kind of SHTF / TEOTWAWKI situation. My buddies and I would make trips to the local gun shows, and pick up magazines here and there. I never intended to stockpile hundreds of magazines like some hardcore survivalist do. All I wanted was a couple of dozen magazines for every AR-15. I think 2 dozen mags for every rifle is reasonable.

Fast forward 20 years. Improvements have been made to the AR15 rifle and magazines. Due to those improvements, my current setup is outdated. Its like anything else. Technology improves, and to get the best out of your gear you need to keep up with the times. A buddy of mine who served two tours (1 tour in Iraq, 1 tour in Afghanistan) told me about Magpul Pmags. When a combat vet tells you he loves something, its in your best interest to pay attention.

Due to my buddies recommendation I ordered 2 Magpul Pmags with the windows on the side.

As soon as I handed and shot the Magpul Pmag I fell in love. The Pmags are light, window to see how many rounds are in the magazine, and anti-tilt follower.

Ok, so what do I do? I have dozens of AR15 magazines that have been collected over the years. But the anti-tilt follower technology improves the reliability of the weapon.

Since I do not want to replace my AR magazine inventory, I bought several packages of the Magpul enhanced self-leveling followers, and started replacing the followers in all of my older AR magazines.

If something is not broke, don’t fix it. My AR mags were not broke, but they did need to be upgraded.


The chronic infection of crime

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Anyone here play the game Half-Life 2?

When the guards were chasing gordon freeman, they would say “outbreak” from time to time.

I read somewhere that the guards said “outbreak” because criminals should be treated like a disease. The longer the criminals stayed in the community, the longer they have to spread the infection. The infection being crime.

In the case of the justice being drawn out, the system is being dragged to the knees.

Just as the immune system reacts to clear an infection, so should the justice system act swiftly to remove the infection from society.

The longer the infection stays around, the more damage it does to the system as a whole.

Instead of capturing the infection and destroying it, the legal system releases the infection back into the community to do more damage.

Society can not afford to build more prisons, or sentence people to a lifetime in prison for petty crimes, the only solution is to put the person to death after X number of crimes. Instead of three strikes and your out, it should be three strikes and you are put to death.

Three strikes and put to death might seem a little drastic to a lot of people. But what is society supposed to do to clear the criminal infection from the community? Are we supposed to let career criminals back out on the streets, to commit more crimes?

The problem with the criminal infection of society, is the legal system is a revolving door. Unlike the human immune system that cleans an infection from the body, the legal system allows infections to society to remain, spread and build up.

A few months ago there was a murder in Beaumont Texas. Come to find out, the guy who committed the murder had been in prison several times for assault. The key word there is “several times”.

Why do we allow criminals to harm our society? If someone commits 2 or 3 violent crimes, that person should be put to death. This will clear the infection, and society as a whole would be better off.

Something to consider on gun control

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As usual, after the Aurora Colorado shooting the anti-gun lefties are whipping into a feeding frenzy.  The crazies are asking how people can order so much ammunition over the internet, or how someone can collect an arsenal of guns without the federal government asking.  It is really sickening to see all of the anti-gun propaganda out there.

Lets have a discussion on gun control, but this time from a financial VS national security point of view.

I figure any liberals or socialist reading this will not care what I have to say, but here goes anyway.

In 2006 shooters and hunters spent $3.7 billion.

Now lets say that the government goes crazy and bans all kinds of rifles, shotguns and pistols.  the restrictions are so tight that people just stop buying guns.  We all know that the end point of gun control is the complete abolishment of all privately owned firearms.  Liberals probably masturbate to some kind of end-game law on firearms.

Random youtube video.

For grins and giggles, lets say firearms are only sold to police and military

Where is the money going to come from to support the shooting and firearms industry?  Well, liberlas probably do not care about the jobs, or the skills craftsmen that assemble firearms.

The firearm industry goes bankrupt, all but just a couple of companies collapse.  Machines are dismantled, people are laid off and learn another trade, factories are demolished and sold off for scrap iron.

Lets fastforward a couple of years.  Tensions between the U.S. and china (or Russia) finally reach a boiling point.  A couple of chinese (or russian) subs parked off the east coast launch a few missiles, which effectively destroy the final remaining firearm factories.

Ok, you stupid liberals, what now?

We have no factories that can produce parts for the M4/M16, we have to skilled craftsman to operate the machines, we have nothing but barren fields where gun factories once stood.  What the hell are we supposed to do for guns or gun parts?

The Gun Industry is Essential to National Security

Why does the federal government keep bailing out the auto-industry? Because we need trucks, tanks, motors, wheel bearings, transmissions,,, to fight a war.

If gun control is established, the federal government will have to bail out the gun industry in the name of national security.

The machines that make the AR15 lower receiver, there are only about a dozen of them in the whole U.S.  Shutting down just 2 plants would affect around 40% of our manufacturing ability. Liberals are probably thinking, “half a dozen, should be easy to take those machines off line”.

Instead of the firearms industry needing a bailout, hunters, target shooters, recreational shooters,,, support the industry.

That $3.7 billion that hunters and shooters spent in 2007 in part helps support national security.

Mass Shootings and Gun Crime

Here is a novel idea, lets make the people who commit gun crimes responsible for their actions? Just like society would with drinking and driving, rape, or any other crime.

How many people are killing in drinking and driving accidents? But nobody is talking about banning alcohol or vehicles. Well, society did ban alcohol for a little while and we know how well that worked out.

Here is another novel idea, make the local prosecuting attorney and judge responsible for repeat offenders that get reduced prison terms. Someone is convicted of a gun crime, spends a couple of months in prison, gets out and commits another crime, the judge and prosecuting attorney should be held responsible. They knew the person had a history of violence, but let the person get off with a reduced sentence.

If someone commits a crime with a firearm, they are a menace to society and should be held accountable for their actions.

Blaming an inanimate object for a crime is a ludicrous idea. The people who call for gun control have no concept of the long term impact of what they ask for.

I am sorry that a crazy person slipped their the safety net, but how do you stop someone that wants to kill? If someone wants to kill people, the only way to stop them is to lock the person up.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and wounded 680, and not a single firearm was used.

September 11 attacks on the twin towers killed 2,996 people, and not a single firearm was used.

Criminals do not need guns to kill others.

Rothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket

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Our friends over at CampingSurvival posted a video review of the Rothco Special Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket.

Outer Shell: 100% Polyester – Waterproof
Inner: Fleece – Lightweight, Breathable, Moisture Wicking
Fleece Lined Stand Up Collar With Concealed Detachable Hood
Collar Has Zipper Pouch To Hold Hood When Hood Is Not Is Use
Zippered Shoulder Pocket On Each Arm
Zippered Forearm Pocket On Left Arm
Two Front Slash, Zippered Chest Pockets
Two Interior Zippered Pockets
Two Zippered Back Pockets With Mesh Interior
Vent Zipper Under Each Arm
4″ X 4″ Loop Side Of Hook & Loop On Each Shoulder For Patch Attachment
Drawstring Waist
Detachable Zipper Hood
Elastic, Hook & Loop Adjustable Wrist Cuffs

Appearance– looks good in Olive Drab, Coyote Brown and Black
Zippers – simple, inexpensive to build into a jacket or replace if broken (fix in the field)
Hood– very large insulated hood with a front lip zipped into the collar
Pockets– lots of them…some small, some large
Weatherproofing– breathable fabric associated with a lightweight insulating layer

What happened to the United States

What happened to the United States
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What happened to the United States? Instead of being the land of the free, with liberty and justice for all, we are the land of cash cows with liberty and freedom for the rich. If you dare speak an opposing opinion, you are branded and outcast. If you speak out against the U.S. government, and travel to another country, the president sends a drone to kill you and whoever is with you.

Banks and wall street immune the law

One thing that really irritates me is hoe big banks and wall street can run over the people, and nothing is ever done.

Leading up to the 2008 housing crash, banks made loans to people who were not qualified to receive loans. The loans were then sold to investors. Wouldn’t that be considered fraud if anyone besides a bank did it?

Bank gets in trouble, the government rushes to shore it up.

People get in trouble, that is just too bad.

Since when did the government start bowing down to special interest groups, such as the banks and wall street?

Chick-fil-A and the right to speak out

This Chick-fil-A issue and gay rights is getting really out of hand. If someone says they support gay rights, then someone else should have the right to say they do not support gay rights.

If some faggot wants to get his poo packed every night, I could not care less. I am kinda neutral on the issue. As long as the sex is between consenting adults, I do not care what happens in a bedroom. Just because I do not care does not mean I have to support the idea either.

Boycotting a company because they do not support gay rights is like the pot calling the kettle black. There are going to be issues all through life we agree with, neutral on, or disagree with.  So what if a company does not support gays rights?  So what?  It is their right to voice their opinion.

While I am not agree with Chick-fil-As stance, I do however disagree with the flack Chick-fil-A has been treated.  Why cant people speak up and voice their opinion?  So what if Chick-fil-As opinion differs from people who support gay rights?  Whats next, try to bully Chick-fil-A into changing their opinion?


Red Feather Real Canned Butter Review

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Our friends over at posted a video review of Red Feather canned butter.

Serving Size; 1 Tbsp (14g)
Servings per container: 24
Calories; 100
Calories from fat 100

% Daily Value:
Total fat; 11g 17%
Saturated fat; 8g 40%
Cholesterol; 30mg 9%
Sodium; 65mg 3%
Total Carbohydrates; 0g 0%
Protein; 0g 0%
Vitamin A 8%

Have you ever tasted Red Feather canned butter? If so, feel free to share your opinions.

New Debates on Gun Control

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The shootings in Aurora Colorado has brought the liberals out in force. As the liberal crap storm for more gun control whips into a feeding frenzy, I see a common pattern, and that is the spread of incorrect information.

One opinion said the AR was designed for killing at close range. In the military trials, bullet performance was judged at 200 meters. How is 200 meters close range?

Another opinion piece said high capacity magazines have no place in hunting. I don’t guess the author has ever seen the videos of people hunting wild hogs from helicopters. I don’t guess the author saw pictures of the LA riots where store owners were protecting their property with semi-auto rifles and high capacity magazines.

Here are the facts people:

Gun control does not stop gun violence. Criminals do not care about laws. If criminals cared about laws, there would be no criminals. So how does gun control stop criminals?

Liberals argue that the background check stops criminals from buying guys. If a criminal wants a gun, he will go steal one.

Liberals argue only the police and military should have firearms. And what, turn the U.S. into a police state? Our forefathers wanted to ensure the people have the ability and the right to rise up against the government. If the U.S. government becomes oppressive to the people, the people have the ability to fight back. When a protestor shows up with an AK47, I bet the police will be a a lot less likely to take measures against the crowd.

Liberals argue high capacity magazines have no place in hunting. They are probably right. However, the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, its about protecting the people from an oppressive government.


Dark Knight Rises Review

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** Spoiler Alert **

This review may contain spoilers. 

My wife and I went to see Dark Knight Rises on opening day. The movie gets long, drawn out, and in some parts a little boring, but holy crap is it a great movie.

Bane, now that is the way a villain should be. From time to time Bane may say something like “thank you” to someone, then kills someone a couple of minutes later. Bane is the villain that kicks Batmans ass and hands it to him in a sling.

While Batman is recovering from his injured back, he realizes that not fearing death is a weakness, and not a strength. It is our fear of death that makes us strong.

Bruce Wayne is showing his age. His knees, arms, shoulder,,, are all messed up. We know that Bruce is going to have to do something.

The ending of Dark Knight Rises was epic, pure awesome epicness. I am not going to spoil it for you, but the ending was epic.

Whatever happened to justice for all

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The recent shootings in Colorado, as horrible as it was, made me ask the question, whatever happened to justice for all?

Someone walks into a theater and starts shooting, that person is arrested. Shortly-there-after the media starts up with its anti-gun articles. The person that killed the people inside the theater will be brought to justice. The liberal media in their attempt to push certain social agendas will use the shooting as a launching point for more gun control.

When Timothy McVeigh blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, did anyone talk about banning trucks, or banning fertilizer? As a truck owner, I can tell you straight up there is no need to give people access to trucks that can carry a ton of explosives. We need to restrict truck access to a limited few. Only delivery companies and transport companies need trucks, everyone else can use a car or SUV.

The government orders U.S. citizens killed in a drone attack, and nobody cares. Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki were both killed in a drone attack. They were never granted their right to due process, never brought to trial, never given access to the evidence against them. The CIA sent a drone in and killed both of them. Where is the public outcry? Is obama a serial killer because he ordered US citizens killed with drones? Who else gets away with murder? Only the government.

Why is society shocked when someone goes on a shooting spree? But we tolerate the U.S. government killing citizens?

Where was the outrage for the wife of Randy Weaver? Where was the outrage for Anwar Al-Awlaki and his son Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, both of which were U.S. citizens.


Our First Dozen Eggs

Our First Dozen Eggs
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Its official, my wife and I got our first dozen eggs. The eggs are rather small, but they will get larger as the chicken matures. My aunt calls the first eggs a chicken lays “pullet eggs”.

The first egg was laid on July 14, 2012

The 12th eggs was laid on July 22, 2012.

The chickens went from laying one egg every other day, to laying 3 eggs in one day.  For the past 3 days, the chickens have been laying 3 eggs a day.

It took around 4 months and 3 weeks before the first egg was laid.  After the chickens starting laying, the rate of laying has picked up dramatically. Hopefully the rate of laying will continue to pick up over the next few weeks. As of right now, I think only 3 of my 13 hens are laying. When all of the hens start laying, I am hoping to get anywhere from 6 – 10 eggs a day.

My wife and I have 13 chickens:
2 Black Jersey Giants
1 Speckled Sussex
2 Barred Rocks (aka Plymouth Rocks)
2 Silver Laced Wyandotte
2 Australorps
4 Rhode Island Reds

From now on, my family and I do not have to buy our eggs from the grocery store. During a long term SHTF survival situation, my family will have a source of protein and a source of fresh food.

Chickens have been a vital food source to humans for thousands of years. There is no need to change now.


Skyrim First Impressions

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*** Spoiler Alert ***

This article contains spoilers. If you do not want any spoilers, stop reading!!!!!

Holy crap, I have not seen a game that grabs you by the balls like this in a long time. The last time I remember a game with such an epic start was Half-Life and Left 4 Dead.

The way Skyrim starts out, you are a prisoner in a wagon on the way to meet your death. Your neck is put on the chopping block, the executor is just about to swing when the dragon shows up. Mages start throwing fireballs at the dragon, archers are shooting their arrows as you and someone helping you head to cover.

The caves are a nice way to introduce the player to the game. When you get to the outside, its like “holy crap”. The graphics are awesome, the sounds, the mountains,,, everything is there to make the world believable.

Skyrim plays well even on my low hardware specs:

Motherboard – ASUS M4A785-M
CPU – AMD 620 quad core 2.6Ghz AM3
Memory – 6 gigs of PC6400 DDR2 800MHz
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit
Cable Modem
Video card – ATI 4850 – 512 megs


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