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Stockpiling AR-15 Magazines for SHTF TEOTWAWKI

Over the past 15 – 16 years I have been building up a stockpile of AR-15 magazines. My buddies and I would go to various gunshows where I would buy various AR mags.

Then I realized a lot of the AR-15 magazines I been buying were junk. Either the followers would stick, or the feed lips were bent. When I replaced the followers of GI mags with anti-tilt P-mag followers, I had to cull several magazines.

One day a buddy of mine who served two tours in the middle east told me how much he liked P-mags.  I took him at his word and bought some.  Lets just say I was impressed right off the bat.

From now own, all I am buying are P-mags.  I see no reason to buy gunshow surplus aluminum AR-15 magazines that I am either going to have to fix, or cull if the follower sticks.  Even if the gunshow surplus magazines work, the factory follower will have to be replaced with P-mag anti-tilt followers anyway.

If I am going to spend the money for surplus magazines, then buy the anti-tilt followers, why not just buy a new P-mag to start with?

Then I found this video.

I have had AR-15 magazines stored at the Bug Out Location for somewhere around 15 – 20 years. Since the housing is made out of aluminum there is no rust, unlike the steel AK-47 magazines.  As long as the magazines stayed dry, everything is fine.

The Magpul P-mag on the other hand has no parts that will either rust or corrode.  The housing is made out of a polymer, and the spring is stainless steel.

Stockpiling AR-15 Magazines for SHTF TEOTWAWKI
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