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Confronting Islam

Confronting Islam
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Acts17Apologetics has posted an interesting video on confronting Islam. There are two main mindsets on how Christians should deal with Islam.

1 – Tolerance and political correctness. Yes, Christians will attempt to accommodate Islam.

2 – Meet Islam head-on. No, we are not going to accommodate Islam. No, Sharia law is not welcome here.

Why are Muslims offended by Christianity, but Christians are not supposed to be offended by Islam?

One of the major differences between Christ and Muhammad, Christ taught us to love our neighbors.

What did Muhammad teach? Look no further then nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran – women are not allowed to vote, gays are killed, and people who change their religion are killed.

The true gospel, is one that teaches peace and love to our fellow man.

If you are wondering why non-Muslims should be worried about Sharia Law, see this list of threads on Creeping Sharia.

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