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My Drinking Problem

Middle age sucks. I can look back over my teenage years, my 20, 30s and now I am halfway through my 40s. In January of 2013 I will turn 45 years old.

Besides going into welding, my other major regret is when I started drinking.

Unlike a lot of people I did not drink in my teenage years. I tried a beer when I was around 15 or 16 years old, and the taste was disagreeable.

When I was around 23 years old I went by a corner store in Bridge City Texas, picked up a couple of bottles of Boone’s Farm wine, then went home to have a drink.

Why did I buy a bottle of Boone’s Farm wine? I do not know. Maybe I was bored and looking for something to do?

What I do know, drinking is one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. Drinking has had a negative affect on my health, its not cheap, and its addictive.

At this point in my life I am probably somewhere about 30 – 40 pounds overweight. Lets say I drink 3 or 4 beers, at 100 – 150 calories each, you are talking an easy 300 – 500 extra calories a day. Then when you start adding mixed drinks, the calories really pile on.

When I started drinking around the time I was 23 years old, that is the same time I started having issues with my weight. I put on weight easier then I did before I started drinking.

I wonder how much money I have spent on beer, wine and whiskey over the past 22 – 23 years. I wish I would have never spent a single penny on booze. That money would have been better spent on my kids, or a vacation for the family.

There are so much better things to spend money on besides alcohol. For the price of a 12 pack, I could buy 2 boxes of American Eagle 223 Remington, or 2 boxes of Tula 7.62×39, and have some change left over.

Every time I buy something to drink, I am taking money away from my family and from my prepping resources. And I am ashamed because of that.

Why don’t I just stop drinking? Because I like it too much.

Lets be honest, I have a problem with drinking. I can go a month without having a drink, but when I do drink, I drink until the last drop is gone.

Admitting that there is the problem is the first step to recovery.

This post is my first step to being alcohol free.

My mom and dad read my blog from time to time. I hope this confession does not make them think they failed as a parent, or think less of me.

Life is full of ups and downs, good and bad. Just as we have good things in life, so we must deal with the bad things.

Its not the alcohol that is bad, it is my weakness that is bad.

I wish I could have led a perfect life. Maybe I should have joined the military, went to college, went into something like engineering, waited to have kids,,,,.

Does having an easy life make you strong, or does the struggle make you stronger?

Did mankind conquer the world through living an easy lifestyle? Or did we conquer the world through hard-work?

As long as I beat this drinking problem, I will be a better person in the long run. Its the struggle that makes us stronger. Taking the easy route makes us weaker.

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Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. In his free time you may find Kevin working around the farm, building something, or tending to the livestock

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  • Pat Reece

    Here we are in 2016, as I read this article I asked myself if this was one of your “issues” you talked about? I hope you have been able to take care of this.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Pat Reece

    What is the difference? If it is a problem it affects aspects of your life, health, relationships, family etc. Is it worth it?

  • If someone can not deal with drinking, how are they supposed to deal with their spouse having cancer, parkinsons, alzheimers,,,,?

  • Pat Reece

    Sounds like to me you do not care about your self or your health. There is a difference in having a few drinks to drinking the last drop. Self control is important. If drinking is a problem you are slowly killing yourself. I drink I control how much.

  • You have no unhealthy habits at all? Eat too much red meat? Drink sodas?

  • Pat Reece

    We all have unhealthy habits. Yes I do as well. However you are the one who wrote this article and it is public. I will take these replies as a no you have not stopped your drinking. Like the ladies in previous replies to other posts, this may of contributed to your wife leaving you..

  • JustCallMeCait

    What “issues” did you take care of in 2016, PAT??????????????

  • Pat Reece

    I have an “issue” with food. I love to eat. However I had to make the decision to loose weight. So far I am down 62 pounds. I fight the temptations everyday. Food is an addiction. Being overweight is nit healthy. I pman on loosing 40 more I have started exercising as well. Cait, what issues have you taken care of in 2016????????

  • Pat Reece

    I take it that you have NO “issues” Cait.

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