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I voted for Gary Johnson

I voted for Gary Johnson
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I voted early, and I voted for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party.

Why did I vote for Gary?

Because I vote for real change.

Besides voting for Gary Johnson, I voted straight line Libertarian party in all local, state and federal seats up for election.

Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistAs long as the people keep voting the same two political parties into office, nothing will ever change or improve.

Why should an elected official care if the people are mad? The people are just going to vote the person back into office again and again and again.

When the elected officials see there parties are losing ground, and they are going to be voted out of office, maybe they will start supporting the people.

People get tunnel vision in voting for the president, and forget the popular vote does not count. The president is not elected by the people.

The founding fathers knew regular people were too stupid to elect the president, and they were right. Regular everyday people do not stay up on the issues or current events. If everyday working people stayed up on the issues, the two major parties would have been kicked out of office 100 years ago.

How much can the people be taxed before they do something

If the people were paying attention, the two major parties would have been kicked out after the income tax was introduced, and the the federal reserve was established.

If the income tax and the federal reserve were not enough, the people should have kicked the two parties out after President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 6102 which forbid the ownership of gold.

What government in their right mind forbids the people from owning gold? But for some reason the people keep reelecting the same two parties into office over and over?

What is it going to take for people to abandon the two party system? As if income tax, property tax, private bankers running the economy, federal reserve printing money whenever they want and free trade were not enough?

How far down the rabbit hole does the economy have to go before people do something about it?

How many taxes have to be levied before people finally do something about it?

Why do we have an income tax? Because people were too stupid to say “no.”

Why do we have property taxes? Because people were too stupid to say “no.”

How much can the government spend before the people do something

Do you realize how much money the government spends?

We spent right around a trillion dollars on welfare in 2011.

Our presidents and our congress are allowing jobs to be sent overseas, while a record number of people are drawing welfare.  How long can we continue to send jobs overseas, while people are being put out of work and given welfare?

Who is paying for this trillion dollar a year welfare bill?  You think the mega-corporations and paying for it?  Nope, corporations are sending their offices offshore to lower their tax burden.  It is the common everyday working people who are footing the bills.

How long are the people going to tolerate this before they do something about it?

Voting the two party system does not fix the problem.

Real change starts with breaking the two party stranglehold

Removing the two party system from congress and introducing a 3rd and 4th party will be the first steps to fixing our broken government.

What drives quality? Competition does. Right now the two major parties have a monopoly on the US political system. There is no reason for them to vote against big business.

Just imagine no single party in congress having a majority, where congress is divided into 3, 4 or maybe even 5 parties.  This would prevent a single party from ramming a bill through congress and to the presidents desk.

Could we imagine a 33% of congress being held by a party that cares about the people?  A party that could stop congress from pushing laws that favor big business.

If the two major parties were held responsible for their actions we might see real change in congress.  How do we hold elected officials responsible?  We vote them out of office.

As long as people blindly vote for the two major parties, nobody is being held responsible.

It is time to hold the government responsible for high taxes on the people and free trade.  The only way to hold the government responsible is to vote the elected officials out of office.

Will you join me in the hopeh for real change, will you vote Libertarian party?

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