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The 1980s seem so long ago

The 1980s seem so long ago
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Why do the 1980s seem so long ago?  But then again, it seems like only a few weeks ago I was finishing high school and entering the workforce.

In all honesty I miss the 1980s.  I do not miss how Reganomics destroyed the ship building industry in southeast Texas, particularly in Beaumont and Orange Texas.

I miss the music,
I miss skinny women,
I miss talking to people face-to-face,
I miss how people had real interaction with each other, interaction that has been replaced by the internet,
I miss cheap gas,
I miss the friendships I had in school,
Did I mention the music?

The 80s had some great music, great clothes, we knew had to have fun without drugs.

Have I mentioned the music,

Then came President Bush I, and that clinton guy and his wife.

The only things that made the 1990s good were the video games. Everything else pretty much sucked. Two of my children were born in the 1990s, so my kids are something good that came out of the 1990s.

The 2000s were worse the the 1990s, which means the 2000s were a lot worse the the 1980s.

Here we are in the 2010s and things really suck. China has our jobs, we have a sock puppet for a president, and the other guy running for office seems worse then the sock puppet.

Can we hit the reset button and go back to at least the late 1970s?

The nation I remember from the 1980s is nothing like what we see today. Crime, especially corporate crime seems much worse now then it did in the 1980s. Maybe if we let a few banks fail they will stop making bad investments.

In the 1980s we were a proud nation. Today, we are the laughing stock for the rest of the world.

Can we go back to the 80s when the USA was a world leader?

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