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Prometheus Review

Prometheus Review
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Holy crap, what a waste of time. After watching Prometheus, its difficult to understand what Ridley Scott was trying to do? Its even more difficult to understand why Ridley Scott was unable to bring back the horror of the original Alien movie.

Some of the scenes were long, drawn out, and uncalled for.

Alien + Ridley Scott = horror that has lasted through the generations.

Prometheus + Ridley Scott = what a waste of time, what did I just watch?

If you are wanting to watch Prometheus, do not buy the DVD. Wait to rent it on redbox, or wait until it goes on the discount rack in a few years.

In the original Alien, we had a villain (the face hugger) who evolved into a much larger and nastier villain, the Alien.

In Prometheus, the movie goes villain after villain with nothing really evolving. At the end of the movie we have a little “something” that “might” hint at the original of the Alien species.

I felt like I was watching a remake of John Carpenters The Thing instead of another Ridley Scott Alien movie.

Where was the magic from Blade Runner, where was the story line of Gladiator, where was the action of Black Hawk Down?

Prometheus lacks all of the magic of previous Ridley Scott movies.

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