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A Nation Greatly Divided

There is an interesting article in the LA Times – Mitt Romney leads a party packed with paranoids and fabulists. The word fabulists simply means liars. In other words, the republican party is filled with paranoid liars.

The cartoon shows an older couple compared to a younger couple. With the younger couple wearing an obama pin.

A few days ago there was a news program talking about how the younger generations are growing more liberal, while the older conservatives are fading away. For example, for the first time in history, less then 50% of the voters say they are Protestant Christians.

Not only is the nation divided by political parties, we are also divided by liberalism and conservatism, and we are divided by religion, or rather the lack of religion.

Where is this trend of a growing liberal population going to take the United States? It is going to financially bankrupt the US.

Differences between conservatives and liberals

The heart of conservationism is the belief that people should take responsibility for their actions.  Isn’t that the way its always been?  Steal a horse and you get hung, its pretty simple.  Do not work, and you shall not eat, sounds good to me.

The heart of liberalism is that everyone deserves to be taken care of by the government. In other words, liberalism is another form of socialism and/or communism.

With the liberal mindset, people too lazy to work should be taken care of for the rest of their lives.

With the liberal mindset, its perfectly ok for millions of illegal immigrants to sneak across the border, then bleed our social programs dry.

Conservative believe people should get a job to support themselves and their family. Isn’t working what made America great? How did the railroads get built? How did the roads and bridges get built? Who cleared the land for our cities, who built the steel mills?

Was it the working class people who built this nation, or was it some welfare parasite living in public housing while drawing food stamps?

Liberals believe everyone should be entitled to welfare and not be required to work. How many people who voted for obama were on welfare?

Differences between republicans and democrats

A couple of weeks ago my dad and I were having a conversation about this years presidential elections.

I told my dad it seemed that most of our recent democrat presidents have held public sector jobs, while republicans had links to oil and gas.

Jimmy Carter was a farmer, clinton had been in politics just about his entire life, obama had been in politics.

Besides jimmy carter, how can we hope people who have not had to work for a living effectively run the nation?

At the very least, the oil and gas industry puts people to work.

But on the other hand, it was under regan that Americas ship building industry went to crap.

Democrats will be the death of the working class

Food Stamps

Under obama, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has met 30 times with the Mexican government to promote food-stamp use among Mexican immigrants.

This is typical liberalism, take from the people who pay the bills, and give assistance to people who do not need it.

Who needs food assistance?  The working poor, who are also US citizens.

Ask yourself, do you like the idea of assistance going to people who are not US citizens?  Do you like your tax dollars going to people who are not willing to even follow our laws?

The answers to those questions are the root of the conservative vs liberal debate.

Liberals oppose simple measures that would make people responsible for their actions, such as drug testing people before they can receive welfare.

If I have to pass a drug test before I can got to work, why shouldn’t people be required to pass a drug test to receive benefits?

Affirmative Action

In 1994, Obama argued for affirmative action, saying those that argued against affirmative action were racist.

Either you support unqualified people, or you are racist. How does that even make sense?  Racism is passing over a qualified person on basis of race.  Reverse racism is picking a less qualified person based on race.

Whatever happened to picking the best qualified person for the job?

Sacrifice our future to protect welfare

Schools in Los Angeles may close two months early if new tax measures are not put into place.

Excuse me? Why not cut off welfare to the parasites?

If Los Angeles would kick the illegal immigrants out, stop providing a  lifetime of welfare, then maybe their schools would not be pressed for money.

Just as the liberal mindset has bankrupt California, so will it bankrupt the rest of the nation.

This is called the redistribution of wealth, take from the middle class and give to the poor.  The end goal is to destroy the middle class through taxation, with leaves two economic groups, the rich and the poor.

The government of California has provided social services to people who not deserve assistance until the government is broke.  Then the government will tell the people that tax “have” to be raised.

How long can this vicious cycle continue?

Liberal values have to be sacrificed on the alter of long term stability.

The middle class can no longer be bled dry.

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