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Sharia law VS freedom of speech

Sharia law VS freedom of speech
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If we speak out against Islam, the followers of sharia law are supposed to kill us.

So what are we supposed to do, quietly submit to Sharia law and Islam? I do not think so.

As usual, Acts17Apologetics has posted another excellent video on the sharia law issue.

After the video “innocence of the muslims” hit main stream, a wide array of people started calling for restrictions on our freedom of speech.

Not only should we have freedom of religion, but we should also freedom “from” religion. By submitting to restrictions on insulting islam, we are submitting to a religion.

The question you need to ask yourself, do you want to live under sharia law? If we are prohibited from insulting islam, what is next? If you are willing to submit to restricted freedom of speech, what else are you willing to submit to?

Are you willing to submit to women not being able to drive?
Are you willing to submit to women not being allowed in school?
Are you willing to submit to being put to death for cheating on your spouse?
Are you willing to have your hand cut off for stealing?
Are gays willing to be put to death for being gay?

At what point is society willing to draw the line for sharia law?

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