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Fake People

Fake People
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While I was working in one of the various welding shops in southeast Texas, one of my coworkers told me about his theory of fake people.  I would like to share that theory with all of you.

A fake person is someone who has no identity of their own.  They have no hobbies that set them apart from anyone else.  When the fake person is around other people, they adopt the attitude of the people the fake person is around.

I am going to use a certain individual that I know.  He is in his late 20s, married and has three children.  He also adopts the lifestyle of whoever he is around.

When he was living with a girlfriend a few years ago, his apartment was always spotless.  He kept his truck clean,,, just an overall clean person.

That relationship ended, and he started dating a certain woman, who I only know to describe as whitetrash.  She comes from a welfare family, house is nasty looking, trash in the yard,,, just stuff like that.

Instead of keeping a clean house, the guy adopted to living like whitetrash.  The yard is full of trash, the floors of the house are nasty, dogs chained in the front yard, just your typical whitetrash family.

How does this relate to survivalism

When associates approach you about prepping, or forming a group, we should take into consideration that those might be fake people.  Prepping / survivalism is only a fad to them.  They might be interested for a few weeks, or a few months.  After that short interest, they will move onto something else.

When we talk to friends or associates, we should be careful to pick people who are into survivalism for the long haul.

There is a certain person I know, he is a long term friend of mine.  We have been knowing each other since the mid-1980s.  He does not read my blog, so hopefully he will never see this post.  This buddy of mine will buy a bunch of firearms when money is good.  When money gets tight, he will sell his firearms.

My buddy has developed a vicious cycle of accumulating assets, sell assets, accumulate assets, sell assets, accumulate assets, sell assets,,, and so on.  That is the way its been for the past 25+ years.  Its like he can not develop a stable lifestyle that allows him to balance life.  Besides the cycle of assets, he is a great guy that is fun to be around.


Then there are the people who have no experience besides what they have read off the internet, and are the first ones to offer experience.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a question on the survivalistboards facebook page asking if people gave their chickens oats?

Someone said that he would not want to give his chickens oats, because he did not want them getting used to it, then SHTF and then the chickens not getting anymore oats. Does anyone realize how stupid that sounds? Someone is going to lie their life obsessed that SHTF might happen at any second? Or, they guy did not have chickens and does not have the slightest idea what he was talking about.

Survivalism should be an experience, and not a theory

How do you know if someone is a poser or a real survivalist?

A real survivalist has theories, then test those theories through their everyday life.

At first a fake person might seem like he/she is honestly interested in survivalism. But as time passes they will lose interest.

When it comes time to spend money on the chicken coop, go camping, run trotlines, go squirrel hunting, fake people will find excuses to not leave their comfort zone.

If people honestly want to prep for a long term SHTF situation, they should get out of their comfort zone from time to time. The problem with fake people, they like their comfort zone.  If someone does not want to get out of their comfort groove, there is little you can do about it.  Accept it for what it is.

Do you know any fake people?  Or do you know people that get into survivalism for a little bit, get out, get back in, get out, get back in, get out,,,, like a revolving door?

Share your experiences with fake people.

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