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Disappointed in Netflix

Disappointed in Netflix
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Holy crap am I disappointed in streaming Netflix.  Lets just say Netflix online service has a major letdown, and that is putting it lightly. When my wife signed up for steaming Netflix, I thought cool.  Then I looked though the video selection and was disappointed.

This is the 21st century, why does netflix online streaming selection suck so bad? This is just about the online streaming service, and not the DVD rental. In the age of high speed internet, why do I have to wait several days for a DVD to be delivered? When my wife and I have company over, we want movies available right then, and not several days later.

Clockwork Orange – nope
Tin Drum – nope
Germinal – Nope
Superman Returns – nope
Jaws – nope
Thor – yes
Captain America: The First Avenger – yes
Dune – nope
Enter the dragon – nope
Troll hunter – yes

The Expendables – yes
The great escape – nope
Rio Bravo – nope

John Wayne appeared in nearly 250 movies, and had the leading role in 142 of those movies. So why does netflix only have 14 John Wayne movies available online?

Star Wars – nope
Lord of the rings – nope
Alien – nope
Aliens – nope
Mars attacks – nope
Ghost of mars – yes
Small Soldiers – yes
Demolition Man – yes

There is no sort by date, no sort by rating, no sort by director,,, nothing to help you find the movie you are a looking for. If a search result brings back 5 pages of movies, you have to search through 5 pages.

One of the main uses that I see coming from netflix is being able to play sponge bob for the grandkids.

Where are the X rated / adult movies on netflix? My wife and I are adults, why cant we have an adult movie selection on netflix?

It seems the netflix streaming video selection is rather narrow, or would “limited” be a better term? How long has netflix been offering online streaming video? And they still do not have famous movies like A Clockwork Orange or even Alien?

There has been some talk on the net about amazon offering a streaming video option. I tell you what, with netflixs sorry selection, its probably not going to be difficult to knock netflix out of its top spot.

Netflix better get its act together before someone drives netflix into bankruptcy.

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