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Two years of fatigue

Two years of fatigue
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After falling ill In early September 2010, I have been fighting fatigue for 2 years.

Labor day 2010 my family and I went to the camp for the weekend.  I spent some time working on the shed, mowing, had a big cookout and spent some time with the family.

Tuesday after labor day weekend I started feeling bad.  I brushed it off as getting too hot in the 100 degree heat of the previous weekend.  By the end of Tuesday I was running a low grade fever of around 99 – 100.  Nausea set in Tuesday night.

By Thursday night / Friday morning my fever was up to 101 and would not break.  A little after midnight my wife rushed me to the local emergency room here in Jasper Texas.  I was admitted to the hospital Friday, and was released, Monday.

While at the hospital I was tested for all kinds of stuff – lyme disease, rocky mountain spotted fever, hepatitis, the flu,,, and dozens of other diseases, and every test came back negative.

Before I fell ill after labor day weekend I had been working out for almost 2 months.  I was getting in shape, losing weight and feeling great.

After I fell ill I did not have the energy to do anything.

Over the past two years I fell into a depression and put on a lot of weight.  Through most of my life I have been mindful of my weight and my level of physical fitness.  After that illness, I did not have the energy to do anything.

In the past few weeks I feel some of my old energy coming back, but just a little bit.

If the lack of energy was not enough, the weight gain and lack of exercise is playing havoc with my health.  I just wish I felt like I did before I got sick in September of 2010.

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