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United States Pushed To The Edge Of No Return

United States Pushed To The Edge Of No Return
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Fishing Southeast Texas B A Steinhagen LakeWith the US debt deal passed, we have been pushed to the edge of no return.  The US taxpayer has been beat down, the chains have been shackled and the saddle is about to be put on us.  From there, we will be nothing more then debt slaves.  So what caused this?  Elected politicians acting like a bunch of teenage girls with their daddies credit card, thats what.

Our elected officials have spent, and spent, and spent, and spent, and spent until we are on the edge of bankruptcy.  Instead of sending welfare people to college, they are sent food stamps, public housing, and welfare checks.  We have built a nation of people who think they are “entitled” to something they did not work for.

Now that the national debt equals our gross domestic product, the US has been pushed to the edge of no return.  We have no hope of ever paying our debt off.  Over the next few years I foresee the US raising taxes on the middle class, and “maybe” the lower upper class.  While big companies still do not pay their fair share and continue to move to china.

China is no longer a peasant nation, they have built an empire by selling cheap products to the US.  As long as the US stays in debt, and china continues to buy that debt, there is no hope of return.

As long as politicians continue to foster a welfare nation, there is no hope for return.

As long as the US government promotes free trade like candy, there is no hope.

As long as the wealthy and big business do not have to pay taxes, there is no hope.

As long as the zombie voters continue to elect democraps and republicants into office, there is no hope.

If the people want real change, they are going to have to vote like it – and not the obama type of change. People will have to vote for a third party if they “really” want Washington to change. We have to start by removing the 2 major parties from office, and put another party into power.

Back in the 1990s we were warned of the dangers of free trade, but we choice not to listen. Instead, we continued to vote for the democraps and republicants. And what did we get in return? We no longer have a manufacturing base. While communist china builds new cities, the highway system in the US falls into disarray.

While the infrastructure in the US starts to fall apart, china completes massive building projects.

What country will lead the world in the next 50 years? Will it be a nation that has fallen apart, or a nation that is growing?

Over the past 15+ years I have seen nothing but a trail of lies and special interest coming from washington. Besides the supreme court upholding gun rights, I can not think of hardly anything that our elected officials have done. When the banks needed a bailout, washington signed over a blank check. But when people are losing their homes right and left, washington sits on their hands.

As more factories close, as people lose their jobs, as unemployment goes up, as families lose their homes, washington sits there and does NOTHING. And now, we re faced with higher taxes and budget cutbacks in the face of everything else.

When is congress going to get a backbone, and stop this fleecing of American jobs? Maybe when we go to war with someone like china or russian? But by that time we will probably not have a factory left to build a tank with.

I try not to post too many political topics, but this national debt deal, combined with talk of higher taxes, combined with our factories moving overseas,,,, something has to give.

We can not create a welfare nation, give our jobs and manufacturing base to china, and still remain competitive in the world market.


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