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Why I play Left 4 Dead

Why I play Left 4 Dead
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What makes the Left 4 Dead series so awesome? Just about everything. I have over 1,600 hours in Left 4 Dead 2, and almost 700 hours in the original Left 4 Dead.

When the original Left 4 Dead was released I put off buying it until it went on sale. The first place that had it on sale was Best Buy in Beaumont Texas. I think best Buy had Left 4 Dead on sale for something like $10 off.

Got Left 4 Dead home, installed it, steam updated the game to the newest version. From the first couple of minutes I understood why people were raving about Left 4 Dead. It is a perfect mix of atmosphere and teamwork.

In most multiplayer games people can run off and do their own thing. In Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, one person can affect the outcome of the game.

The storyline of the Left 4 Dead series is quit simple. A virus has turned mankind stark raving mad.

The virus has been compared to rabies, in that people lose the capability of higher thought.  I compare it to the rage virus of 28 days later.

Survivors start at a certain area, then have to work they way to a rescue point. In the map No Mercy, the survivors start on a roof top. They work their way through various maps such as alleyways, subway, warehouse, streets, hospital, then to the rooftop rescue point.

The level design is simply amazing. Each level is either 4 or 5 maps. There are two teams – the special infected and the survivors. The survivors work their way through a level, then the teams switch. There are no find the key maps like with Quake, Quake 4 and Doom 3. Everything in the Left 4 Dead series is straight forward.

Each survivor starts with a first aid kit and a weapon. Weapons range from a pistol all the way to an AK-47.

When the survivor dies they have to sit out the level. Its not like Team Fortress 2 where you get to respawn in a few seconds. Special infected respawn after a 20 – 25 second wait.

Teams get points by how far they made it through the map. When a survivor dies, their progress meter stops. The team with the most points wins.

There are the common infected, which are the computer controlled zombies, and then there are the special infected. Human players play the special infected. Each special infected has their own unique skill.

Special Infected

Hunter – jumps on people. He can get on top of buildings, jump on the survivors and does X amount of damage for every second he stays on the survivor.

Spitter – spits an acid that does damage to the survivors.

Smoker – has a long tongue that pulls survivors.

Charger – rams into survivors, carries them a distance, them slams the survivors into the ground.

Jockey – jumps on the survivors and steers them in the direction the jockey wants to go.

Boomer – a swollen puss filled fatty that pukes on the survivors, temporary blinding the survivors. The puke attracts common infected.

Witch – looks like a crack whore and is a computer controlled character.

Tank – super strong, throws cars around like they are nothing. The tank is played by a human player and appears at random.

Players cycle through the special infected at random. Lets say you are playing a jockey, get killed, respawn as a boomer.

About the Author:

has been playing video games for over 30 years. He first started playing arcade games such as Donkey Kong and space Invaders in the early 1980s. From arcade games he moved to an Atari, Super Nintendo and currently uses Steam as if main gaming platform.

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