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How Do We Stop Mass Murderers

How Do We Stop Mass Murderers
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Kevin Felts, blogger and political commentatorHow do we stop mass murderers from picking up a gun and going on a killing spree?

How do we stop people like David Koresh?

How do we stop someone like Jeffrey Dahmer?

How do we stop someone like the Son of Sam killer?

How do we stop someone like president obama from killing U.S. citizens?

How do we stop someone like George Bush jr from detaining people with no due process of law?

What is the between some mass murderers kidnapping someone off the street, and the CIA thugs? Shouldn’t people be safe from not only each other, but also the government?

What makes Hitler and the Nazis any different then the current US government? Nazis rounded up Jews, the U.S. government is rounding up and/or killing people who are accused of being a terrorist. Neither nation afforded their victims due process of law.

Sick people are part of society. We deal with it and move on. Regardless of how many laws are passed, we will never be able to stop sick people from killing others. If its not with a gun, then its with a knife, or form a religious cult and convince the people to kill themselves.

Anyone remember the Heaven’s Gate cult that killed themselves in 1997? How do we stop people from going off the deep end?

How is killing someone with a gun or knife, or convincing someone to kill them-self any different?

How was the leader of the Heaven’s Gate organization any different then Jeffrey Dahmer? The end result was the same, which was people died.

Regardless of how many laws we pass, mass murderers like Jeffrey Dahmer will just ignore those laws.

Regardless of what laws are on the books, the government will just ignore them. What gives the government the right to pick and choose which laws it wants to enforce, and which one it wants to ignore.

No person shall be devoid of life, liberty or property without due process of law. That is one of the corner stones this nation was founded on. Anwar al-Awlaki and his 16 year old son were US citizens. Both were killed with no due process of law.

The government is supposed to set an example for the people, and not the other way around. When the government can get away with murder, what kind of example does this set for the rest of us?

If we want to stop mass murderers, lets start with the U.S. government, and then work our way down.

Revolving Door Issue

One issue major issue that modern society faces is how do we keep violent offenders off the streets? How many people committed a violent crime, only to be let loose back on the streets a few months later?

A few months ago there was a guy in a nearby city that killed his girlfriend. Come to find out the guy had a history of violence that spanned a decade or more. The guy had been in and out of prison several times.

If we truly want to stop crime, lets take the dangerous people off the streets.

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