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Painting AK-47 Magazines

Painting AK-47 Magazines
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One of the issues with AK-47 magazines, they are made out of steel, and steel rust. So from time to time it might be necessary to paint your AK mags. This article is going to discuss how I paint my AK-47 magazines. This may not be the “best” way to do it, but this is how I paint my mags.

If you wanted a professional paint job, you would need to disassemble the magazine, buff the paint off all of the parts, spray on a layer of primer, spray a few coats of the color paint you want, then reassemble the magazines.

Screw that.

All I am going to do is buff with a wire wheel then paint.

I have a spare boat trailer in the backyard, so that i what I painted my magazines on. Where the tongue of the trailer meets the frame, that is where I put the block of wood I was going to be working on.

Items needed

Full face shield and safety glasses – the full face shield is to protect your face from wires that go flying off the wire wheel.
Leather work gloves
Area where you can safely spray paint
Spray paint – in my case I am using black rust-oleum
Electric grinder
Wire wheel
Rusted AK-47 magazines

The idea here is to buff and repaint the magazines before the rust develops pits or holes in the magazine.

Buffing and Panting

I like to have a piece of plywood or something like a 1×14 about 18 – 24 inches long to place the magazine on.

Put your safety glasses on
Put your face shield on
Put your leather work gloves on
Use the grinder and wire wheel to buff and remove all of the old paint and rust
After you are finished buffing, use a rag to wipe any loose paint, dust or rust off the magazine.

Apply a coat of paint, let dry, turn magazine over, apply coat, let dry, turn over, apply another coat, turn over,,,, until you are happy.

In the Texas July summer heat, I was letting each side of the magazine dry for about 45 minutes before they were turned and painted on the other side.

Rotating magazines at the Bug Out Location

Next step is to go to the Bug Out Location, get the AK-47 magazines I have stored there, replace them with freshly painted magazines, bring the mags from the Bug Out Location home and paint them.

A few years ago a buddy of mine and I started stockpiling ammunition and magazines at the Bug Out Location.

Rotating the magazines at the Bug Out Location gives me the chance to take the mags out shooting.  The magazines at the BOL rarely are taken to the range.  By rotating the magazines out, I get a chance to shoot them and see if there are any malfunctions.

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