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My wife had a hysterectomy part 3

My wife had a hysterectomy part 3
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I can honestly say the surgery turned my wifes life around.  No more shooting pains, no more heavy periods, no more leaking bladder.  Besides all of those positive things, there is no more personal time between us.  She walks by me like I do not exist.  The floors, dishes, clothes,,, are more important then extending a hand to me, or offering to give me a hug.

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If I say something to her about the way she is acting, she comes back asking if I want to live in a dirty house. We can not do both? We can not have an affectionate relationship and a clean house at the same time?

This morning I asked her about going walking after work, her reply showed little to no enthusiasm. But yet she could clean the house before company came over yesterday.

I am wondering if my wife is becoming a-sexual (no interest in sex) after the removal of her ovaries.  When an animal is castrated, they lose interest in sex, why should women be any different.

I would like to think our relationship is fine. But when she does not want to do anything with me, what am I supposed to think.

We are 6 weeks post-op, and about 2 weeks on artificial estrogen.

She is supposed to go back to the doctor in about 2 weeks for a checkup, and we will go from there.

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