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What is it with kids smoking these days

What is it with kids smoking these days
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Is it just me, or are more kids smoking these days as compared to the 1980s?

1980s – kids that smoked were frowned upon.  Your smoking?  Why?

Today – kids that smoke are no big deal.  It seems like one of the first thing kids do when they 18 is start smoking.  I have to ask the reason why?

Why start something that will cause so many health issues later in life?  Smoking does not make anyone look cool.  If anything, smoking makes people look stupid.  Because you have to be stupid to contribute to your risk of lung, throat and mouth cancer.

When my third son turned 18 he let it be known that he had started smoking.  He asked me something like “I dont guess you approve of me smoking”.  I told him “I will never approve of you killing yourself”.

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