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My wife had a hysterectomy part 2

My wife started her replacement hormones 2 days ago (July 6, 2012), holy crap, the mood swings are kicking in big time.  She is bitching and complaining about everything.

Now I understand what the horror stories after a hysterectomy are about.

A guy I used to work with back around 1992 or 1993 was complaining about his wife being bitchy when she started her hormones.  Now I understand what he was talking about.

If we can put men on the moon, why don’t we have better treatment options for women?  If a woman has a cyst, or heavy bleeding, it solution is to cut everything out and put her on artificial hormones.  It seems barbaric to treat women like a piece of meat at the butcher.  Do not like that piece, just cut it out.

Next Tuesday will be going on 4 weeks post-surgery, we still have close to 6 weeks to go before she gets a full release from the doctor.

Hopefully after my wife gets all of this behind her our lives will improve.

I should have knocked my wife up while we were dating (before we got married).  But like everything else in life, you look back and wish you would have done things differently.

One of the reasons why I felt bitter towards my first wife is because she had her tubes tied without talking to me before the fact.  I had no say-son in the matter.  After the birth of our daughter, the next day my wife was wheeled off to surgery to have her tubes tied.  I never forgave her for denying me the ability to have more children.

Now that my second wife had a hysterectomy, I feel a lot of those old bitter feelings coming out.

My wife (Kristy) had a hysterectomy because she had fibroids in her uterus and a baseball sized cyst on her left ovary. The cyst was twisting her ovary, which was causing shooting pains.

Nobody ever said life was fair, but dang it, can “something” go my way for a little while?

Kristy tells me I am being selfish, and I probably am. Is there something wrong with being selfish? Kristy says she is selfish, so why cant I be selfish?

Maybe things will get better once Kristy gets past the recovery phase? Only time will tell.

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Kevin Felts was born and raised in southeast Texas, graduated from Bridge City high school Bridge City Texas, and attended Lamar College in Port Arthur Texas. Hobbies include fishing, hiking, hunting, blogging, sharing his politically incorrect opinion, video blogging on youtube, survivalism and spending time with his family. In his free time you may find Kevin working around the farm, building something, or tending to the livestock

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  • Pat Reece

    Now that I have come across this article I see your concerns. However she was in pain right? Was this Doctor recommended?

  • Yes and yes.

    When Kristy and I got together I told her I wanted children. She did not want any more children. She had 4 children by two different men, she also had high blood pressure.

    I resented her for refusing to have a family with me. Eventually I accepted that she did not want children and tried to respect her decision.

    When Kristy left in July of 2015 the sacrifices I made to be with her counted for nothing. I sacrificed not having more children to be with her. Now I am 48 and too old to be a father.

    Kristy having a hysterectomy ended all hope of ever having kids with her.

  • DesertRose1960

    In other words, you put yourself above Kristy’s health and her choice to know what’s best for herself and her children. You’re not too old to be a father, but I suspect you lack the ability to be anything more than a sperm donor. I can’t see how you’d be willing to put the needs of a child before your own.

  • We are having a good discussion please stop with the insults.

    I accepted that Kristy did not want to have children, it was one of the many sacrifices I gave to be with her.

    The finalization of the hysterectomy cut deep.

    As for my kids I spent a great deal of time with them, as much as I could. Took them camping, hunting, fishing, tried to teach them a good work ethic.

    Camping trip from 8 years ago –

  • DesertRose1960

    What I saw in your comments wasn’t what you see. I saw someone OBSESSED with his own “sacrifices” that he ignored the sacrifices his partner made. She had a hysterectomy, MAJOR surgery after giving birth to FOUR children. Do you have ANY idea what it does to a woman’s body to have a child? Do you have ANY idea the kind of pain and suffering you can have because of gynecological problems? You left a woman and her children because she put her health above your “sacrifice” of not having children of your own and YOU THINK it’s even that you took them camping? No, we weren’t having a pleasant discussion. And I didn’t insult you, I just pointed out how spoiled and selfish you come off as sounding. If you don’t like how you’re seen by others, change the picture by changing yourself!

  • You may be absolutely right. When I made this post I was probably being self centered.

  • You may be absolutely right. When I made this post I was probably being self centered.

  • DesertRose1960

    I’ve read a few of your comments. Did it ever occur to you that your attitudes might have driven your wife away? I spotted comments on threads that are based on outright LIES and taken from conspiracy websites. I also saw lots of really insulting things about Liberals. I guess you only have problems with insulting remarks when a Liberal says something you don’t like.

  • Pat Reece

    I saw the same thing. I am not here to insult you at all. This has my curiosity.

  • Drive my wife away – I am a man. If you do not like manly attitudes, get a girlfriend.

    Insults towards liberals – Who is going to pay for your policies? No yall.

  • DesertRose1960

    I like men, I’ve been married to the same man for 33 years. However, you’re a dude-bro or one of the guys; you’re male, but not a man. I’m quite sure you think you’re quite the “manly man”, the problem with such manly attitudes is that you only appeal to each other in your dude-bro-i-ness. And that’s fine because women don’t miss you and you haven’t even noticed. As to who is going to pay for Liberal policies? I would point out that the only two Presidents to narrow the deficit in the last 35 years have been Democrats and during that time the economy have seen a 200% rise in worker productivity but NO increase in real wages expressed in constant dollars. In fact, they dropped under Reagan and have never risen to what they were in 1964. In the meantime, the top 2-5% have seen their wealth increase by 300%! And they’ve got guys like you whining about how unfair it is to raise their taxes! But you’re too smart to actually fall for those Liberals! In the meantime, I probably make more money than you do.

  • Working at best buy, starbucks and other minimum wage jobs does not count as “worker productivity”

    Bill Clinton made sure our jobs were shipped to china in mass. Obama has run up the national debt like no president has ever done.

    You probably make a lot more money than I do. Once again the world of liberal revolves around money, money and more money. All I want is to live in peace and quiet. Listen to the wind and hear my chickens doing their thing.

    It is nice to see democrats adopting republican policies –

    At least I am not a hypocrite.

  • DesertRose1960

    No, you’re not a hypocrite, you’re a SERIOUSLY DELUSION NUTCASE but you’re sincere about it, so I guess that’s okay. No, Pookumkins, you just don’t understand economics. When President Obama “increased the National Debt”, he did it by moving Bush’s war spending from UNDER the table into the budget, but that’s a little beyond your understanding. NO, Clinton did not ship our jobs overseas, those policies actually began under the Reagan administration but again, you don’t understand and arent’ willing to educate yourself. I skimmed some of your blog posts. You show serious flaws in your ability to reason beyond the simplest of binary constructions. It’s rather sad, really. Let me explain, it seems a glaring example of hypocrisy that Hillary would have a wall around her estate (possibly put there by the Secret Service) but oppose “building a wall” at the US border. Besides being incredibly expensive, the 700 miles of walls that already exist haven’t really put an end to illegal immigration but it’s terribly hypocritical to build a wall around your property when you want to shield yourself from the prying eyes of media and gawkers. It may come as a surprise to you that some people value their privacy when they are not at work. As to requiring delegates to the party convention to have photo ID, that’s a private event and people competed for those delegate slots and their expenses are paid. It isn’t unusual for such events to require ID. I regularly attend a military expo attended by foreign military officers, Defense contractors, Congressional staff and Federal employees. I have to register and present ID every year. Voter ID does NOT stop people from voter fraud which is very, very rare. A few people may register as Mickey Mouse or Betty Boop, but NO ONE actually shows up to vote for them. Voter fraud is more likely to occur with someone getting an absentee ballot and voting for a friend or relative who is too sick to vote for themselves. Voter ID laws DO NOTHING to stop that kind of voter fraud. Voter ID laws do stop naturalized citizens, minorities, college students, and the elderly from voting however, so of course dude-bros like you would be all about that! And again, Pookikins, it isn’t all about money if you’re a Democrat. We vote with our real wallets and we don’t have the highest per capita income because we have a lot of minority and female members, also, younger members, so our incomes average out lower. And the thing about “service jobs” not counting in worker productivity? Sorry, it does count. Reagan “financialized” the economy back in the 1980s. He shipped the manufacturing jobs overseas or to non-union states. He turned us from making things to “selling money” and service jobs which do pay less. As to your wanting to just sit and watch your chickens, fine go ahead but don’t think you won’t stand out in the city, even if you do wear a pair of khakis, there is no Zombie Apocalypse, so preparing for one just makes you strange and disturbed and disturbing. And if you’re so worried about a total collapse of society, what kind of person does that make you? You really must hate your country and your fellow citizens to feel that way.

  • I should not have referred to you as a hypocrite, and I apologize.

    There is no difference in defending your property and defending your nation. Build a wall or fence around both.

    Israel can have a wall, and that is ok.

    The vatican can have a wall, and that is ok.

  • DesertRose1960

    You’re not getting it. Building a wall across the Mexican border is ONLY an expression of racism and Jingoism. If building a wall is such a good idea, why isn’t tRUMP suggesting we build a wall at the Canadian border? Or around the airports. The Vatican wall is around a medieval city wall, there is no wall at the front of the Vatican, the part that opens up to St. Peter’s Square. There is no ID or passport check at either the museum entrance or St. Peter’s Square. However, there is a really great gelato place across from the Museum entrance, which is through the wall. I was there only a year ago. Israel has caused a HUGE problem with their damned wall. Talking about the Middle East is a whole separate issue and I’m not prepared to go into it with you because it would pointless anyway. You post BULLCRAP/GARBAGE from Alex Jones to your blog, so there is no presenting facts to you, anyway. Yes, there is a difference between defending your property and defending a nation. We have the best equipped military in the world. Our navy has more aircraft carrier groups than the next SIX navies COMBINED. We spend more than the next six countries, too. Personally, “defending” your yard with a gun seems a little STUPID and CRAZY to me, but then again, I’m not an anti-social nutjob. I don’t fancy myself as a “grey man” trying to withstand the Zombie Apocalypse, either. The fact that you can’t seem to differentiate between your yard and an international border is an example of binary thinking. It’s all with you or nothing with you. You can’t handle that there might be more than one possible correct answer to a situation. I don’t care if you think I’m a hypocrite and you don’t have to apologize for calling me one. I will not apologize for calling you a binary thinker and if you think that’s insulting, well, you’re the one who can control your thinking, or maybe you can’t. Binary thinkers use a part of the brain that is used during “Fight or Flight” and tends to be more common among Conservatives. Liberals think differently with other parts of our brain. It isn’t a fear reaction and can tolerate disorder or multiple solutions to issues. Try educating yourself by going to someplace OTHER THAN Alex Jones. His mind is like a bat cave….full of bat droppings.

  • Pat Reece

    Wow. This conversation has gone from your wives medical problems to politics. That’s ok. I am ashamed of you for writing so much PERSONAL things about your wife. This is very sad. I am sure it hurt her feelings as well. I do not think you understand women at all. How can you love someone if you do not love yourself. I could never write to the public such things about a loved one in such detail. What if you had testicle problems and lost one or both of yours? I am at a loss for words. You come across as a “know it all”.

  • You’re not getting it. Building a wall across the Mexican border is
    ONLY an expression of racism and Jingoism. If building a wall is such a
    good idea, why isn’t tRUMP suggesting we build a wall at the Canadian

    How many people sneak across the Mexican border as compared to Canada? How many people coming from Canada have whooping cough and are not vaccinated?

  • She did not care if I wanted more children, I should not care about her feelings.

    Caring goes both ways.

  • How did you and other women find this article? Seems the most commented.

  • Pat Reece

    How did I find this article? It is a public Blog.

  • DesertRose1960

    Pookiepoo, you’re the poor soul who isn’t getting it. The vaccination rate in Mexico is actually higher in Mexico than it is in the US. If Americans had a better vaccination rate, someone sneaking across the border with Whooping Cough wouldn’t be a threat at all. And several Muslim terrorists have come across the Canadian border. You’re just afraid of those scary Brown people! Run along and find your gun and go hide in your closet! I’m sure the Mutant Muslim Ninja Zombie Terrorists will never find you there! Go listen to Alex! I’m sure he’ll make it all better! He’ll tell you lots and lots of scary stories! It’s magical thinking and you’re such a tool! You repeat everything you read in the pseudo-Conservative blogostench and think you’re the one who is informed!

  • You honestly think it is just mexicans crossing the border? What is the vaccination rates of other central american nations?

  • DesertRose1960

    Ooo, you poor babykins, you don’t understand, lots of other countries have much higher vaccination rates than the US because they don’t have fear-mongering anti-vaxxers bleating at them all the time and stoking paranoia in their teeny, tiny little minds! You’re just afraid of people of color! Now run along and go buy some more ammunition or another gun or some seeds to stow away in your bug out hole!

  • DesertRose1960

    You used Disqus to write your blog. Your comment history is open and when you link things to your blog, it’s only a click away.

  • DesertRose1960

    From what I can see, he’s a binary thinker and a little hung up on himself.

  • Pat Reece

    I agree. I feel sorry for his now EX wife. Lord help the new one.

  • LOL, you crack me up.

  • You expect men not to have feelings? Expect us to sacrifice, give up so much, and then get upset when we voice our feelings?

  • Pat Reece

    No one is upset. I have a right to my opinion as well. I am voicing my feelings same as you. Has your EX seen what you wrote about her? There is a difference in writing about her PERSONAL business. And you writing about your feelings. Some things should not be wrote about for all the world to see. This goes for all the articles you wrote about her hysterectomy. Why dont YOU write about your “issues” as you stated in other replies. Put your personal business out there for the world to see. Or maybe you dont want your “fans ” to know certain details about the person who writes all this?

  • DesertRose1960

    Apparently, he finds me amusing. Yes, I do feel sorry if he’s taken a new wife. It would be his third if I understand.

  • DesertRose1960

    I know that men have feelings, but you seem to think your feelings and your sacrifices are so much bigger and more important that the women you married. You come off as feeling very sorry for yourself and very unforgiving of towards the women. I don’t particularly like to hear men whining about how some woman did him wrong when she really didn’t.

  • Pat Reece

    From what I have read in the “Hiking in hot weather” article he has a fiancé. I believe you are correct.

  • DesertRose1960

    Poor thing. Maybe she’ll read his blogs and reconsider. I didn’t read that article but I did read the one about blending in. My husband doesn’t own a pair of jeans, has not owned a pair of jeans in the nearly 40 years that I have known him. He does however, regularly wear khakis and he wore suits every day until he retired a few months ago. And he doesn’t own a gun. Kevin probably doesn’t consider him a “real man”.

  • Pat Reece

    Maybe so. We shall see.

  • I do not care if she has seen what I wrote. I am entitled to express my feelings just like she can make decisions for her body.

    I should not be upset when she refused to give me a child, but Kristy could have children with two different men before me? One child she gave up for adoption.

    I loved Kristy with all of my heart, but I wished I had never met her. Those years I spent with her could of been spent with someone who loved me and appreciated what I did for her and her family.

    I was provided for her kids when their own dad was not around. Took her kids and grandkids as my own.

    In the end, she tried to run off with someone who was supposed to be my friend. I found her facebook chat session where she and her boyfriend were planning their future together, while she was still married to me.

  • Pat Reece

    Wow. you are a perfect man without any “issues”. NOT.

  • I am far from perfect, but I do believe in family values.

  • Pat Reece

    As I do too. All I read in your articles is what she did wrong. You said you take responsibility as well. However you dont write about you? Something led her to do the things you say. As I wrote before I am curious.

  • Pat Reece

    In all reality why don’t you write about your “issues”? You are too quick to point out other peoples. You say you took responsibility. I do not see that. You have wrote about all your jobs you have had, your divorces, your children, your land, your guns etc. but what about you? Seems you are avoiding this subject. Your Ex wives may of made some poor decisions in life. I highly doubt you haven’t made any yourself. You seem self centered. Why not have children with your new lady?

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