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My wife had a hysterectomy part 2

My wife started her replacement hormones 2 days ago (July 6, 2012), holy crap, the mood swings are kicking in big time.  She is bitching and complaining about everything.

Now I understand what the horror stories after a hysterectomy are about.

A guy I used to work with back around 1992 or 1993 was complaining about his wife being bitchy when she started her hormones.  Now I understand what he was talking about.

If we can put men on the moon, why don’t we have better treatment options for women?  If a woman has a cyst, or heavy bleeding, it solution is to cut everything out and put her on artificial hormones.  It seems barbaric to treat women like a piece of meat at the butcher.  Do not like that piece, just cut it out.

Next Tuesday will be going on 4 weeks post-surgery, we still have close to 6 weeks to go before she gets a full release from the doctor.

Hopefully after my wife gets all of this behind her our lives will improve.

I should have knocked my wife up while we were dating (before we got married).  But like everything else in life, you look back and wish you would have done things differently.

One of the reasons why I felt bitter towards my first wife is because she had her tubes tied without talking to me before the fact.  I had no say-son in the matter.  After the birth of our daughter, the next day my wife was wheeled off to surgery to have her tubes tied.  I never forgave her for denying me the ability to have more children.

Now that my second wife had a hysterectomy, I feel a lot of those old bitter feelings coming out.

My wife (Kristy) had a hysterectomy because she had fibroids in her uterus and a baseball sized cyst on her left ovary. The cyst was twisting her ovary, which was causing shooting pains.

Nobody ever said life was fair, but dang it, can “something” go my way for a little while?

Kristy tells me I am being selfish, and I probably am. Is there something wrong with being selfish? Kristy says she is selfish, so why cant I be selfish?

Maybe things will get better once Kristy gets past the recovery phase? Only time will tell.

My wife had a hysterectomy part 2
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