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Monarch 308 Winchester Review Part 1

Monarch 308 Winchester Review Part 1
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In this article:

  • 2012 presidential election is drawing near
  • democrat is in office
  • 308 Winchester is getting scarce
  • Bought some Monarch 308 from Academy sports and outdoors
  • Fired off a few rounds and took pictures


Its an election year, and a democrap is president.  Every election year there is a rush on guns and ammunition.  When a democrap is in office, the panic buying gets really bad.  People are worried about the glorious dicktator obama stripping us of our rights.  So what do we do?  We stock up.

Our glorious dicktator obama has done more to promote panic buying then any other president I can remember (I am 44 years old).

When bill clinton was elected office, and when the assault rifle ban was passed, people freaked out and bought everything in sight.  Every time the dicktator opens his mouth gun sales spike.

We just “thought” bill clinton was bad.

It is not “just” the elections, people are worried about the economy, jobs, tensions with iran, tensions with china.  To be perfectly honest, people are worried.

308 getting scarce

I do not know if my local walmart in Jasper, Texas does not order 308 Winchester, or they can not get in.  But either way, I have not seen Remington core-lokt 150 grain 308 Winchester in a couple of months.  I have not seen Federal in maybe 2 months or so.

308 supplies online seem to be drying up, or at the very least hit and miss.  Someone might have 308 in stock for a couple of days, and then they are sold out.

If I did order online, all I would be getting is FMJ.  Yea FMJ is cheap, it works, but its not very good for hunting.  Sure FMJ pokes a hole, but some expansion would be nice.

Academy sports and outdoors sells a Monarch brand ammunition in a wide range of calibers.  For the past 5 or 6 years all I have shot out of my AK47 is steel cased Monarch.  Since it shoots good out of the AK, I decided to pick up a couple of box in 308 Winchester.

Bought a couple of boxes of Monarch 308

The Monarch 308 is a softpoint.  To me, this puts it in the middle ground between FMJ and something like Remington core-lokt.  The softpoint should expand more then FMJ, but not as much as the more expensive ammunition.

Do you want to stockpile FMJ, softpoint, hunting grade ammunition, or a little bit of it all?

When I bought my 308 rifle, I started stockpiling Remington core-lokt.  Over the past 15 or so years, all I have used is Remington core-lokt, my brother uses core-lokt, my son uses core-lokt in his 30-30 and my dad uses core-lokt in his 30-06.  I know its a proven performer on southeast Texas whitetail deer, so I started stockpiling with what I know will work.

Since my local wal-mart can not get Remington core-lokt, its time to buy something else.  I could order FMJ off the internet, but FMJ is not that good for hunting.  So why not buy something that I can use for defense, and hunting?

Price (at this time):

Remington core-lokt 150 grain – $19.99

Monarch 150 grain softpoint – $14.99

Federal power-shok 150 grain softpoint – $14.99

Fired off a few rounds

Test Rifle – DS Arms FN/FAL SA58
Temperature – mid 80s
Range – around 75 yards
My chronograph is missing. I would have loved to chrono the rounds, but it has somehow disappeared.

Monarch 308 Winchester4 rounds were fired, the picture speaks for itself.

My FN/FAL is not a tack driver.  Even with Remington core-lokt 150 grain and Hornady 168 grain BTHP the best I have seen so far is around 1 – 2 inch groups at 100 yards.

There were no malfunctions.

All rounds fed, fired and extracted with no issues.

We only fired 4 rounds.  If there was issue with 4 rounds, there would be some serious problems.

I know this review is rather short, time was a limiting factor.  My wife and I, and some of our friends went to the Bug Out Location for the weekend.  Shooting the firearms was after cleaning up and stuff like cutting the grass.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks I can make it back to the BOL and do some more target shooting.  I would like to do some side-by-side test with Remington, Federal and Monarch.

Monarch or Federal

With Monarch and Federal power-shok costing the same, I am kinda torn between the two brands.  Both are softpoints, so expansion is going to be limited, but hopefully better then FMJ.

Before I buy a bunch of Monarch or Federal, I need to do some side-by-side comparisons.

Looking at the Monarch, Federal and Remington side-by-side, the tip of the Monarch seems to be a little more rounded then either the Federal hydra-shok or the Remington core-lokt.

I am hoping to get back out to the range in a few weeks and do a more in-depth review.

Stockpiling ammunition for a long term SHTF situation

When I bought my DS Arms FN/FAL I had no 308 Winchester. So where do you start building your stockpile? Do you buy FMJ, softpoint or good quality hunting ammunition first? You could buy it cheap and stack it deep. Or you could buy a little more expensive ammunition that you know for a fact is a proven performer.

A buddy of mine started on the cheap FMJ end of the scale. He was buying 2 or 3 boxes of FMJ for the price of one box of hunting grade ammunition.

I started on the opposite side of the scale, I started with the type of ammunition I use for hunting. After I was happy with my small stockpile of hunting ammunition, then I started working my way back to the cheaper ammo.

Monarch and Federal power-shok is my first step away from buying expensive hunting grade ammunition.

Considering Monarch and Federal are around the same price, which one should I stockpile? I am hoping these test help answer that question for me, and for you as well.

Post your comments, questions and suggestions.

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