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My wife had a hysterectomy part 1

My wife had a hysterectomy part 1
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Kevin Felts, blogger and survivalistMy wife, her name is Kristy, had a hysterectomy last week.

There are two types of hysterectomies out there:

1 – The woman has a hysterectomy for some none medical reason.  Such as not having a monthly period to interfere with her sex life.

When I was doing some work in kingwood Texas area back in the early 2000s, some of the rich women told me they had a hysterectomy so they could provide sex to their husbands without a monthly period.  The women worried if they were on their period, their sugar daddy husband would look for sex elsewhere.  You would not want to lose your free ride now would you?  Hysterectomy, boob job, tummy tuck, and that saggy 50 year old rich women might be able to hold onto her lying cheating sorry ass husband that brings home $500+k a year.

2 – The woman needs the hysterectomy for a valid medical reason.

Kristy fit under #2.  Her left ovary was the size of a baseball, was growing, and had been causing shooting pains for well over a year.  Also, I do not make enough money to pay for a boob job or tummy tuck.  Our relationship is built off love, and not how much money I bring home.

After having 4 children Kristys bladder had been pushed out of position to the point where she some urine leakage.  Kristy could not even walk to the mail box without her bladder leaking.  The doctors were supposed to fix the leakage issue at the same time as the hysterectomy.  I asked for a free tummy tuck for Kristy, but the doctor said no.

I was resistant to the idea of Kristy having a hysterectomy.

What happens when you castrate an man, or an animal?  They lose all their sex drive.  I was worried about Kristys sex drive going down the toilet.  It seems logical, cut out the ovaries, lose sex drive.

Another reason why I was resistant, I may have wanted more children.  Removing the plumbing would prevent Kristy from having children.

Life works in phases.  As resistant as we may be to change, phases are forced upon us.  Even though I might have wanted more children (I wanted the option left open), it just was not possible.  Kristys days of having children were behind her.  Since I love my wife, I have to accept that her child bearing days are behind her.

I am a guy, and I am selfish, get over it.  I wanted the option to have more children left open, and I did not want anything to interfere with our sex life.  The problem was, the baseball sized ovary was causing Kristy to have shooting pains.  How can someone enjoy life when they are in pain?

Kristy and I decided to sacrifice the ability to have children on the alter of living a pain free life.

The Surgery

The surgery was scheduled for June 12, 2012.  We worked a full day monday, got off work, went home, changed clothes, loaded our stuff up, then drove to Nacogdoches where we rented a hotel room.

The drive from Jasper to Nacogdoches is about an hour and a half.  Kristy and I did not want to get up at 4:30am, get ready, and then drive to Nacogdoches Tuesday morning.

We got up tuesday morning and made it to Nacogdoches medical center around 10 minutes before 6.  At 6 am a nurse came into the waiting room and asked everyone that was going to have surgery to follow her.  There were probably about 30 people in the waiting room, maybe 6 or 8 or those 30 were going to have surgery.  The rest were family members.

Family members were allowed to go back with the patient to the prepping area.  The prepping area was a series or small rooms, just big enough for a bed, couple of people, chair, and a flat panel TV on the wall.

A nurse came in, introduced herself, gave Kristy her split up the back hospital gown, and asked Kristy to change.

A little while later the doctor came in to talk to Kristy.  We decided to go ahead and have both ovaries and the uterus removed.  For you feminist out there, that is right “we” decided together the best course of action.

The anesthesiologist came in, gave Kristy something through her IV.  Within maybe 3 – 4 minutes Kristy was out.  As the nurses wheeled her out to surgery, I gave Kristy a kiss and told her I loved her.  The surgery nurse told me she would call me at the waiting room every 30 minutes during the surgery to give me updates.

I guess the time was around 6:45 when the nurses took Kristy back to surgery.

Back to the waiting Room

Back to the waiting room I went with book in hand for reading material.

The time was maybe 7:15 – 7:30 or so when the nurse called the front desk to tell me they were going into surgery.

The nurse called at 8:00 and 8:30 for an update.  Around 9:15 or maybe 9:20 the nurse called the front desk to tell the hysterectomy was complete.  I felt like I was on a roller coaster, as my stomach felt like it hit the floor.  I had this sick feeling in my stomach that there was no going back, a phase of my life had ended and a new phase was starting.

After the hysterectomy the doctors were doing a bladder lift support thing, plus one hour in recover.

The nurse called the waiting room desk to tell me I could go up to Kristys room, they would be there in a few minutes with her.

In the room

I took the elevator to the second floor, then went to Kristys room to wait on her.

I guess I was in the room about 10 – 15 minutes when two nurses brought Kristy in on a hospital bed.  Kristy was wake just enough to raise her hips to help scoot herself to the bed in the room.

The nurses covered Kristy up, told me she should be waking up soon, then the nurses left the room.

For the next few hours Kristy would wake up for a few minutes, take a drink of water, move around in her bed, go back to sleep, wake up, move around, take a drink of ice water,,,,, repeat.

Kristy had a catheter so she did not have to stand up to go pee.  The catheter was to stay in overnight and be taken out wednesday morning.

The hospital had a love seat next to Kristys bed that made into bed, that is where I slept.  The nurses provided sheets, a pillow and a blanket.

Second morning

Back on solid food.  The hospital brought Kristys breakfast in, which she scarfed down like she had not eaten in days.

Nurse removed the catheter first thing in the morning.

Doctors came in, talked to us and checked everything out.  We were told Kristy could go home after she peed a few times on her own and after lunch.  The first time Kristy urinated she peed 200 cc, which was a good sign.  The nurse came in to do an ultrasound on Kristys bladder to make sure the bladder was being emptied.  The nurse said there was about 20 cc left in the bladder.

Kristy felt good enough that she wanted to walk around the hospital a little bit.  So we got up and walked the halls of the maternity ward a little bit.  Kristy started to get tired, and a was sore, so we went back to the room.

For lunch the hospital brought out some kind of chicken fajita looking stuff.  Kristy seemed to like it as she ate just about all of it.

After lunch the nurse gave Kristy some pain meds for the way home, we loaded up and headed back to Jasper.

The bumpy road home was a little rough on Kristy.  She asked me to slow down a little but, which I did.

The following week

5 days after the surgery and just about all of the bruising is gone.  The only bruising left is on her pubic mound from the bladder lift, suspension thing the doctors did.

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