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Spoon Fed Sheeple

Spoon Fed Sheeple
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survivalistI thought about titling the article, “spoon fed people”, but decided “sheeple” would be a better description. Maybe “spoon fed cattle” would be a good title? Kinda like cattle being led to the slaughter.

Spoon fed sheeple can not think for themselves. These are the people that sit around watching the TV, and never question what they see.

Sheeple go to the poles and vote for the same two political parties year after year and never ask any questions.

Sheeple never speak up when government does something wrong.

Sheeple never protest.

Sheeple never speak up.

Sheeple never question the government.

Sheeple never question their elected officials.

Sheeple stay in debt, debt adds purpose to their lives.

Sheeple live their lives blind to what is going on around them. As long as they are in debt and have a job, everything is fine.

How does society grow sheeple

I believe everyone starts out being able to think for themselves. Most people call this an “imagination”. Children run and play and make toys out of the simple things. A cup is turned into a space ship.

So what happens between childhood and adulthood? I think the schools destroy creativity. Over time a child imagination is ripped out, thrown on the floor and stomped into millions of pieces.

From the time the child starts school, the the time the young adult finishes school, the school system hammers the person into a sheeple.

Sit down,
Shut up,
Do not ask questions,
Accept what you are told as fact,
The teacher is never wrong,
This is just the way things are,
Do not question authority.

After 12 years of being told that crap, the kids start to accept it as fact.

Once the public school system is finished with the child, all that is left is a zombie sheeple.

Just as children are taught not to question the school, so that teaching is brought into adulthood and the adult does not question the government.

Just as a teacher tolls the children to do their homework, so the politician tells the people how to vote.

We have a choice

We may not have a choice about going to school, but we do have a choice of what we do after school. We have a choice as to whether we want to live in the bonds other people place on us; or whether we cast those chains to the ground.

We have a choice to whether we live as a sheeple, or whether we live as a free person.

Just because teachers suppress free-thought, does not mean we have to live by the teachers rules for the rest of our lives.  Once you get out of school, screw that teacher.  I am now an adult, and I WILL NOT sit down and shut up.

Free People

Vote as we wish,
We live debt free,
We ask questions,
We speak up,
And we will not sit down or shut up.

The question everyone needs to answer, are they a sheeple, or are they a free person.

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