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Is free enterprise a good thing

Is free enterprise a good thing
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Is free enterprise a good thing, or does it cultivate greed and excess?

When the banks collapsed a few years ago, and president bush rushed to the rescue, we were told that the banks had to stay in business. But “why”? If we truly lived in a free enterprise society, businesses should be allowed to rise and fall as the markets determine.

There has been a recent report that the middle class has been racing towards poverty since around the year 2000. Yet the government is not rushing to bail out the middle class. Our jobs are being shipped over seas and outsourced, and the government does nothing.

For a free enterprise to work, people and businesses should be treated the same. If the government makes sure company John Doe stays afloat, then the government should make sure “nobody” goes bankrupt.

The truth is, we live in a lop-sided system, where the government favors big business over the hard working tax paying citizens. The people that work to make this nation great have found themselves indebted to the banks and to the government.

In a “true” free enterprise system, things might be good and the people will prosper.  But in a lopsided system, one side or the other will become a servant, and that is what has happened with the US.  The people are no longer free, we have been enslaved:

Income tax – you have to file a tax return every year.
Property tax – you have to pay your property tax or the government will place a lean on your property.
Obama health care – people have to buy health insurance.
Car insurance – people have been mandated to buy car insurance.
Child support – 25% for the first child and 5% for every child after that.
Factories close and move to china under free trade laws.

But who is there to bail out the working people? Nobody is there, we are left to be thrown to the lions.

Free enterprise can be a good thing, when the people are not mandated by the government, and when human greed does not get in the way. But we know those two things are not going to happen.

Free enterprise, like socialism and communism falls victim to human greed.

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