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If there is one thing in this world that pisses me off, it has to be thieves. It seems to me that thieves fall into a couple of categories.

Irresponsible – thieves get low on money, need a little extra spending cash, they just go steal something and sell it.

The problem is the thief is too irresponsible to manage their money.

Lazy – this goes back to being irresponsible, instead of working a steady job, thieves would rather steal.

Arrogant – thieves think they deserve nice stuff, even though they do not want to work for it. Why should other people have those nice TVs and nice cars? Maybe because they work for those things. The thief thinks they are entitled to nice stuff just like everyone else.

Is it not enough that thieves are too lazy to work for the better things in life, but they have to steal from those that put forth the time and effort to improve their lives.

Awhile back the shed at the Bug Out Location was broke into and some tools were stolen. One of the tools included an $600 Sthil chainsaw.  If someone is too lazy to work and buy their own saw, they are going to be too lazy to use the saw. It was probably sold for drug money.

One evening I was sitting at the computer desk when I hear what sounded like a door slam outside.  I guess it might have been around 8 or 9p, I went outside, looked around, locked the vehicles up and went back inside.  The next morning I noticed that someone had stole the radar detector and my sun glasses out of my vehicle.

One morning my wife went out to her SUV to go to work, only to find out someone had gone through the glovebox, and taken all of the coins in the door.

Back around 1974 or 1975, someone cleaned my Great grandmother and Great grandfathers house.  They came home and the majority of their furniture had been stolen.

Sometime around 1980 someone stole a boat from my parents house.

Sometime around 1979 or 1980 someone stole my and my brothers pellet rifles.

Sometime around 1985 someone stole the door off my jeep CJ-5.

When I was working at a welding shop around 1989 someone stole a $10 calculator from my tool chest.

Why cant people leave stuff alone?  If its not yours, do not touch it.

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