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Marketable life skills

Marketable life skills
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How do you develop life skills that are marketable?  Either through an education, training or experience.  But, how do you know if your skills will be in demand?

Over the past few years I have seen people over spending on their education.  People will go into $100k of debt, for a degree that pays $30k a year.  Its going to be years, maybe even decades before the student loans are paid off.  After college, “who” is going to hire you?

I look at jobs like fishing.  If you want to catch a fish, you need to go to water.  If you want a job, you need to be where the jobs are.  Do not walk into the desert and expect someone to hire you.

The more you learn,
The more you know,
The more education you have,
The more skills you have,
The more training you have,

The more you have to offer an employer, the better.

I am 43 years old, since I finished high school in 1986 I have learned,

How to change the oil in a truck or car
How to repack wheel bearings
How to reload my ammunition
How to weld – 15 years experience with ASME certified heat exchangers and pressure vessels.
How to build pressure vessels and heat exchangers
How to work on computers
How to setup a network for a small business
How to build a barbq pit
And various other things
How to setup a forum
How to setup a blog

My life skills may not be perfect, but they are skills that I can market just about anywhere in the world.

Not everyone is cut out for college. People learn 2 different ways – reading, and doing. The people who learn by reading usually do fine in school. The people that learn by doing usually do poorly in school. Just because you have issues with going to school, that does not mean you can not learn some life skills.

Go to college, or go to a trade school. But either way, apply yourself,

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