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Holy crap its hot

Holy crap its hot
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Lake Sam Rayburn 2001 Texas DroughtAnd not only is it hot, its dry.  Its not that “oh, we did not get any rain in the past week” kinda dry, its like “we are in a SERIOUS kind of drought” type of dry.

Where is the rain?

Our lakes dry up, and no rain falls.

Our creeks dry up, and no rain falls.

Our crops wither away, and no rain falls.

Our tree sheds their leaves and start to die, and still no rain falls.

Back in February 2011 my kids and I went to the Bug Out Location and planted some trees.  the trees included some oak trees, a plum tree and a peach tree.  One of the oak trees had been grown from an oak that fell from the tree in my front yard.  When the oak tree was planted, it might have been maybe 5 years old.

Over the past 6 months my family and I have been making trips to the camp to make sure the trees have been getting plenty of water.  Well, over the past few weeks it looked like we had been getting some rain at the camp, so I did not bother checking on the trees.  The problem is, the rain was a little of nothing.

August 20, 2011 my wife and I go to check on the trees, and they were in bad shape.  Most of the leaves had turned brown and fallen off.  There were a few green leaves, but not many.  My wife and I  put 2 gallons of water on the tree, waited about 30 – 45 minutes, and then put 2 more gallons on the tree.

Video about climate change and long term survival plans.

When the trees were planted, the root ball sits about 2 inches before the surface of the soil, with the dirt from the hole used to make a ring.  That way, the ring holds whatever rain we get and puts it at the base of the tree.

As my wife and I were leaving the camp, I noticed a large sweet gum tree that was turning brown and shedding its leaves.

From the camp my wife and I went to Mill Creek Park on Lake Sam Rayburn.  I had heard that the boat launch at Mill creek Park had dried up, but I was not prepared for what I was about to see.  Not only was the boat launch dried up, but Mill Creek was nothing more then a trickle.

The lady at the ranger station told my wife and I that the lake was around 11 feet low.  The record was somewhere around 13 feet low, which was set in 1996.

Sam Rayburn has been so low for so long, that weeds are 3 feet tall on the mud flats.

In December of 2010 my brother, my nephew and I launched a boat at Mill Creek and went out on Rayburn for a few hours.   When we launched, lake Sam Rayburn was so dry that we hit bottom a few times leaving from the boat launch.

My brother wanted to go look for a place to go duck hunting.  One of the places we went was Bear Creek, which is on the north end of the lake from Mill Creek Park.  while we were around Bear creek we hit ground several times.  More then once we had to get the paddle and use it as a push pole.

What has me worried, is that we (the human race), is in the start of a global climate change. Whether the climate change is man made or naturally occurring, I do not know.

Survivalist can prep for all kinds of stuff – hurricanes, floods, riots, disease outbreak, but how do you prep for climate change?  With crops withering in the fields, long term survival plans are out the window.  If growing crops is not an option, then mankind would have to revert back to a hunter-gather lifestyle.

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