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Weak points in survival plans

Weak points in survival plans
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DS-Arms SA58 FN/FAL next to a river in southeast TexasA couple of weeks ago a buddy of mine and his wife dropped by my house for a little while.  As most conversations do, we turned towards the topic of survivalism, and trying to find weak points in a survival plan.

Lets say there is some kind of long term SHTF survival situation, a new disease breaks out, long term civil unrest, climate change;  besides insurance (no insult intended towards my buddy), I think the weak points for just about everyone will be are medical needs, safe drinking water, communications and food production.

Medicine – Lets take my wife for example, she developed high blood pressure, and has been on high blood pressure maintenance medicine for almost 20 years.  Running out of medicine could have a negative impact on her long term health.  Then there are the people on heart medicine, anti-depressants,,,,,, just a whole slough of meds.

Safe drinking water – life as we know it can not exist without safe drinking water, and that is all there is to it.  Water borne infections can kill off communities with little or no advance warning.  One of the number one killers in the world today is unsafe drinking water.

For someone to have a long term survival plan, they are going to have to have a way to access safe drinking water.  Whether its through an underground well, water filters, boiling, slow sand filter,,,,, people are going to have to make sure their water is safe to drink.

Food production / food procurement – the majority of people do not have access to farm land to grow crops, or even a place to hunt.  As the starving hordes leave the city, they will most probably be like locust looking for something to eat.

Long term survival plans need to include a way to gather food – farming, gardening, hunting, trapping or even fishing.  Living in a city of a million people, and having the attitude that your going to go to the nearest national forest and kill a deer or hog is not going to cut it.  There are going to be untold numbers of people with the same exact plan as you.

To grow crops your going to need a place that is secure, private, secluded, and meets the weather conditions needed to grow food.

Some of the crops I would focus on are:

Snap beans
Turnip greens

Communications – being able to communicate with friends and family members and how their current situation is going.  Do family members and friends need assistance, that would be one of my big concerns.  My sons live about 30 – 45 miles from my house.  Getting a message to them without a phone would be a real problem.

Long term survival plans – some of my long term survival plans include planting fruit trees at a remote farm, planting a quick growing type of oak tree in the back of a field that is overlooked by a deer stand, stockpiling garden seeds, storing my seeds at the camp at at my home, having a Berkey Water Filter at the bug out location, having a 55 gallon drum so water can be transported from a nearby stream to the fields for irrigation, storing rice, beans, oats,,, and other foods in mylar bags.

If the SHTF tomorrow, one of my biggest concerns would be communications, and getting in touch with my family.  After getting in touch with my family, its getting my garden going.

Now for a video about buying canned goods.

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