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30 day challenge no sweets or meats

30 day challenge no sweets or meats
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I think I will issue a 30 day challenge to myself: 30 days of no sweets or meats – especially processed meats.

Sweets are a weakness of mine. If there is a piece of chocolate cake in front of my, chances are its going to get eaten. I also keep a container on my computer desk with M&Ms, and other chocolates in it.

Meats, especially processed meats have been shown to be bad for your health – due to the preservatives and salts used during the manufacturing process. Some studies link processed meats and colon cancer.

For breakfast: The goal is to eat a breakfast bar, banana, yogurt, fruit,,,, or some other kind of natural snack. There for awhile I was eating breakfast burritos and croissants for breakfast. Both got to the point where they tasted nasty.

To keep my protein intake up, I will probably have to add pinto beans or peanut butter to the menu. Maybe a peanut butter sandwich for dinner, or even for breakfast.

Today. May 3rd 2011 will the the first day of the challenge. For breakfast I had a breakfast bar and some yogurt. For lunch I will try to have a salad, and for dinner a peanut butter sandwich and some fruit.

Looking at pictures of myself from 3 years ago, and from 3 days ago, I am disgusted in my weight and my appearance. The only person that can do anything about it it myself.

I am also thinking of doing 100 pushups a night for 30 days. I might start that tonight as well. Last night I did 30 minutes on the treadmill. Instead of 100 pushups, I might do a 30 day challenge of 30 minutes on the treadmill everyday for 30 days. If the challenge is “too” difficult, the more likely I am to not complete my goals.

So how about this, 30 days of: no sweets, no meats, and 30 minutes on the treadmill.

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