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Culture of entitlement

Culture of entitlement
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survivalistAfter Hurricane Katrina made landfall in 2005, I helped out at a refugee center in East Texas for people from New Orleans. We were preforming services for evacuees, such as trying to find them temporary housing, if they needed to see a doctor,,, general stuff like that.

One lady really stands out in my memory. She steps off the transport bus, walks into the reception facility, is handed an application to fill out – ask for her name, address, race,,,, other information so family members can find her – she hands the application back to the person behind the desk (she did not even look at the papers) and ask where she can sign up for welfare and public housing. The lady was not interested in filling out any “extra” paperwork, she just wanted her benefits.

What really got to me was the I am entitled to receive free stuff attitude the lady had. She did not fill out the application until it was handed to her a second time. The lady behind the desk said that she would have to go to the welfare office, and the center did not so that kind of stuff. We were there just to find her temporary housing, and any immediate needs, like if she needs heart medicine and did not have any.

This culture of entitlement is nothing more then a plague on tax payers. Its people who refuse to work, but expect a high standard of living paid for by someone else. Its as if we have a sub-culture of people who think they are entitled to part of my pay check.

Not everyone who receives welfare are part of the Culture of entitlement. There are lots of hard working people who get down on their luck and just need a little help getting up. But on the other hand, there are people out there that refuse to go to school, refuse to look for a good paying job, because if they did, they would lose their government benefits.

My personal opinion, the government needs to do some serious welfare reform. And its 20, 30, 40 years overdue.

If someone has enough time to go to a grocery store and buy food, they have enough time to attend a college class.

If someone is not willing to improve their standard of living, they need to be kicked off the system.

What really pisses me off, is that the states are cutting funds to schools, but not making people who can work get a job. In other words, states cut the throats of schools, and preserve the culture of entitlement.

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