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Starting with mylar bags

Starting with mylar bags
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survivalistI have a confession to make, this was my first time to seal food in mylar bags. To be perfectly honest, I was a little intimidated by it all. What if I screwed everything up, what if I sealed the food wrong, what if the seals did not hold,,,,,.

Thanks to SafeCastle, I have a bunch of 1 gallon mylar bags, and 50 02 absorbers. So off a sealing I went.

After work today my wife and I went to the super wal-mart in Jasper and I did a little grocery shopping. While we were getting our usual stuff, I picked up a 10 pound bag of Krusteaz instant pancake mix, all you have to do is add water and your good to go.

Went home, got everything ready, and started sealing the mylar bags.

March 31, 2011 food cache:

20 pounds white rice
10 pounds instant pancake mix
5 pounds pinto beans
1 pound navy beans
5 boxes mac & cheese
2 boxes pasta
2 pounds 4 ounces (2 containers) Quaker instant oats

I’ll post an update tomorrow evening as to how the mylar bags look. I also did some videos, but before their uploaded to youtube I want to see if the bags are going to suck in.

I will work on getting some pics and a video up tomorrow, or this weekend.

The only question I have so far, how do I eliminate the wrinkles while sealing the mylar bags?

What finally got me to take the plunge into mylar bags is the current food situation. I was planning on making a purchase of #10 cans,,, and some other supplies this week. But after looking through several online stores, it seems that just about all of the good stuff is sold out. After doing a few google searches, and several of them taking me back to this forum about can good shortages, I decided it was time to take action, while there is still time.

Its also the climate change that has me worried.  Texas has been in a drought state for over a year, maybe even 2 years now.  Last year it was so dry that small trees died around my house.  This year, we have not gotten enough rain to support the garden.  I don’t even know if the garden is going to make this year due to lack of rain.

Instead of buying pancake mix in a #10 can, I decided to buy a 10 pound bag from the local grocery store and seal it in mylar bags, as well as rice, mac & cheese, oats,,,, and a few other things.

Post your comments in this forum thread about storing food in mylar bags.

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