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Worried about a food crisis in 2011

Worried about a food crisis in 2011
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snap beans potatoes survival gardenAre you Worried about a food crisis in 2011? I am.

Price of gas has gone up almost 50 cents in the last 2 weeks, and is currently sitting in the $3.47 a gallon range. A couple of years ago when gas touched $3 a gallon, fertilizer for growing food went to $22 – $23 for a 50 pound bag.

The higher cost for fertilizer and fuel pushed food prices up. As the price of fuel came down, the price of food came down.

But now, instead of the price of fuel slowly creeping up, its skyrocketed through the roof. Overnight prices go up 5 – 7 cents. The cost of fuel will sooner or later be passed down to the consumer.

Now that people are talking about shortages of Mountain House #10 cans, panic buying might kick in, and we might be looking at even more food shortages.

A couple of days ago a buddy of mine and I were talking about the current shortages in freeze dried and dehydrated foods.   My buddy has the opinion that the current shortages are caused from last years food crops being depleted.  That once the crops from 2011 are harvested, that the shortages will fade away.

Lets say for a minute that my buddy is right.  Last years crops are depleted, we have nothing in reserves, and once this years crops are harvested everything will be ok.  If this theory is correct, we are just 1 season from starvation.

My personal theory on the food shortages, panic buying has kicked, and as a result of the panic buying, our stockpiles have been depleted.  All of this civil unrest in Egypt and Libya, the high gas prices, high unemployment rates, jobs still being shipped to China, people still losing their homes,,,,,, people are worried and their stockpiling more survival food preps.

But either way – whether the food shortages are caused from natural market conditions or panic buying, one thing is certain, the future does not look very bright.

Lets just say that I’am worried enough that my family and I will be planting our largest garden we have planted in years.  In previous years we planted maybe 1/4 acre plot of land with some potatoes, snap beans, squash and a few other things.  This year we are probably going to plant around 3 – 5 acres of crops.  The potatoes will be planted pretty heavy, as will the peas, beans, corn and a few other crops.

I’m hoping on putting up some corn this year, along with some peas and snap beans.

Potatoes, I’m hoping on planting enough potatoes that my family and I will not have to buy and for a long time.

The one big issue that I see, if this year is as dry as last year, we might be facing a lot of crop failures.  Lake Sam Rayburn is probably 8 feet low – we need some serious rain to bring the area back up to normal levels.

Lets also hope that some of the worlds major food producers do not have any problems this year, like droughts, or floods.

How about a video from 2010 of harvesting some potatoes.

Post your comments in this forum thread about a 2011 food crisis.

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